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for The Vampire Stark

7/31/2018 c2 TheLifeStruggleIsREAL
great chapter are you still continuing this story though?
10/8/2016 c2 Mama's Stories
How is she going to hide that she is a vampire?
10/8/2016 c1 Mama's Stories
Okay would like to see where this will go.
12/15/2014 c2 sondrex76
Nice story so far, thanks for writing and have a nice day!
11/12/2014 c2 Guest
I thought it was really good! My only thing was that the car isnt a mustang, Its a camero. Other than that it was great! Cant wait to read more!
11/12/2014 c2 Guest
Love this story! Can't wait to watch Elena hide her abilities from tony
11/12/2014 c2 6Elejah88
I'm excited to read more of this :)
10/19/2014 c1 sondrex76
Looks good so far.
10/16/2014 c1 Alice
I love it! There aren't nearly enough of these cross-overs. Please update! :3
7/7/2014 c1 1LokiLover1023
Omg so good please update
5/22/2014 c1 1Saiyan Prince of Arendelle
That's a beautiful intro. I can't wait to see her and the Avengers. That should be epic
5/16/2014 c1 Guest
That was amazing! Good job :)
5/16/2014 c1 hi
5/16/2014 c1 Rachelis
This is really good! Very well written. I definitely recommend this to all Vampire Diary's fans!
5/16/2014 c1 FrozenFan225
You write the best stories I have ever read!

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