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5/18/2016 c25 20fourseven
More great adventures of our fave sestras ! Always a treat to read your latest !
1/24/2016 c22 20fourseven
In one word, Hilarious ! Love the 'banter' between Helena / Alison & Sarah. Also Helena's comments about the Tal Shiar & bringing presents for superiors.

I also love the 'banter' between Q & the C girl !

Very well done ! a jolly good read !

10/14/2015 c21 20fourseven
Always good to find another chapter of one of my fave stories in my ' in box '

Still enjoying the story, is there a chance an Ensign named Krystal Goderitch may make an appearance one day ?
4/29/2015 c20 20fourseven
Another great laugh ! Love all the Helena interaction.
Love the line: Why the heck do you speak English with a Ukrainian Accent?

Well done (again) still enjoying this story.
2/10/2015 c14 20fourseven
My favourite Sestra ! I love your Helena chapters and Alison too !

Keep writin' it's great fun !
2/9/2015 c13 20fourseven
Long time no chapter ! A worthy effort though ! It sounds so typically Alison.

Good job !

11/26/2014 c12 1720fourseven
Again, looks like I'm the only reviewer ! I'm still lovin' this story. Thought you may have finished it there a while back, but good to see you're still churning out chapters.
(You have a lot of stories to update, so it takes time to get around each one eh?)

Bye for now,

11/5/2014 c1 20fourseven
Cannot believe nobody has reviewed this story ! This chapter made me laugh out loud !
Being a star trek fan for 40 years I love the way you have interwoven the events of OB with those of Trek.!
I love all the Helena bits ! We discuss diplomatic situation, do lunch, yes ? Hilarious !

Well done !

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