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4/13/2020 c5 Omar Garcia Jr
It seems Penelope has figured out Jack White.
4/13/2020 c4 Omar Garcia Jr
I don't think they killed those men. They just gilded them. When you aim for a spot that's not vital, you only cripple that person instead of killing.
4/13/2020 c3 Omar Garcia Jr
The way those two are acting, their partnership reminds me of Batman and Robin. Back when Dick Grayson was Robin. I never expected Harvey Bullock to be in this universe. I haven't seen him throughout the Arkham franchise. I do remember him from the Animated Series. He's different from the Harvey Dent I know who is Two-Face.
4/13/2020 c2 Guest
Michael Brooks and Ryan Mathews? Not bad for OC characters. Ryan seems to have a loving family with Penelope. Two spawns, Dione and Jake. They're taking after their parents. Then there's Michael Brooks. You've noticed that in Arkham Knight, it was Tim Drake who had an interest for Barb. In this alternate universe however, it's Michael who catches her eye. He is one of the few people who know of Batman and Oracle's Secret. He's taken quite the interest for the paraplegic princess herself. I can't imagine how big their sex life is going. Wouldn't be the first time I've ever seen a paraplegic girl with a boyfriend. This is going to be something.
4/13/2020 c1 Omar Garcia Jr
Ryan's alias, Killshot? Just a Deadshot wannabe. I don't think he's ever going to be more of a killer. As for that Penny character, I think I can guess who she is.
12/29/2016 c18 Mickol93
When's the next story of this coming?
8/7/2015 c18 6jaydenheroes567
Love it. It's so accurate
12/21/2014 c6 5patattack
12/17/2014 c5 patattack
Intriguing... especially since I only know the general storyline of the game and haven't actually played it before.
12/17/2014 c4 patattack
Cool action scene.
12/17/2014 c3 patattack
Good to see micheal's not a pushover.
12/17/2014 c1 patattack
Not a bad start, will read more.
11/29/2014 c18 808
nice ending but did amader waller got killed by deadshot in the task force x incident
11/27/2014 c18 39Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
Walker she is always a mystery does it have to do wit h the batman beyond project will there be a Arkhem beyond. Good work man you got the arkhem style correct good work
11/27/2014 c18 8TheLastSurvivor14
Nice ending. I kike how you introduced Waller at the end. Does this mean we're gonna see the Suicide Squad?
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