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for High School DXD: The Zero

5/14/2017 c6 1OakCrown
Fuck You... Less.
5/14/2017 c5 OakCrown
Fuck You.
8/2/2016 c13 fenn
you need to get rid or aika
7/24/2016 c8 scaryorange
noooooo, its been ruined
7/23/2016 c5 scaryorange
that had to have been one of the most cliche battle scenes i've read in a while... jumps in front of spear to protect person never made sense to me, just push her dammit
9/30/2015 c2 14ceasare
People on this site detest it when someone writes an OC main character. But it is my dream to write one and you did it great! So far at least. Wish your fic was more recognized around here :D
5/6/2015 c22 jazper.nebel
I'm so excited I can't wait for it to come out
4/24/2015 c21 AlphaOmega
Hope you keep things mostly the same, like Takuya and his team mates being from the Naruto verse, but I hope you have more flash backs that shows his time with them and the other members of the hidden leaf eleven.

Also hope you keep the part about Takuya traveling around the world and meeting people like Serafall and Gabriel. Though, maybe he could also accidently come across the Youkai faction in Kyoto and he befriends someone from their as well. So they remember him during the Kyoto arc.

Also I hope you don't have him acknowledge the girls feelings right away. He still could be a bit unsure on how he should react to them. Girls may have thought that he was cool or handsome like a prince, but they never tried to go as far as the DXD girls are.
4/23/2015 c21 John
To the poster that said that Jimbei and Aika were a part of Rias' peerage, they are not members at all as the author stated before. Xenovia is already a member and Rossweise will be a future member as planned.
4/22/2015 c21 ShadowUzumaki55
I still believe that Jimbei and Akia shouldn't be made apart of Rias' peerage. Those spots should still belong to Xenovia and Rossweise.

They could be part of Takuya's peerage in the future.

I also want to see one where Raynare and the other fallen angel girls survive and they become apart of his harem too.
4/18/2015 c21 AJ
The music I would want to listen to in your story during the battle scenes in the new story. My suggestions would be more songs from RWBY (That show is awesome I can't wait till season 3) (RIP Monty Oum), Rise Against, any Bleach anime song, Nirvana, HU (notably Sing, Gravity, Young, and Another Way Out), Fall Out Boy, and Rancid (Honor Is All We Know and Red Hot Moon especially).
4/18/2015 c21 AJ
I read the entire story, and yeah maybe Takuya was "dense" a little bit, but it is still a well written story that I wanted to see him face Vali in the next one. Everybody is such a freaking critic having an anti OP mentality who were spoiled by shows that set such a freaking high standard that every art form (Even erotic stories believe it or not) has to live up to their "golden standard" society. You are rewriting the story cause it is YOUR decision not theirs.
4/16/2015 c21 Guest
well its understandable, really. but this isn't bad.i've seen lot of beginners do worse than you. anyway good job.
4/16/2015 c21 17psychopath556
oh well this is a surprise, the story was going great i just spent the past two days reading it on and off in my spair time,

love the idea of a rewrite Takuya needs to loosen up a bit

personally i love the combination of the Naruto and DxD universe,

i think maybe a few chapters of ether back story to fill in Takuya history or maybe a way for the DxD team to travel to the Naruto Universe to let them really get to know Takuya, the memory lane chapter was good but a trip to the Naruto universe would be good also, i personally think grayfia and Shizune would get along having to deal with lazy leaders.

Maybe it could be a training episode the DxD team learns some Charkra abilities could be hilarious

just my opinion )
4/9/2015 c21 Kurama09
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