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for Shadow of the Devil

12/6/2022 c9 Keithbear666
Naruto would lose to ophis without fail. And 9 times out of ten lose to sirzechs when he goes full power. But if we compare Naruto to the dxd verse, I would say that if Naruto was at full power after the fourth Shinobi war, then only super Devil and up could beat him with 99-100% certainty. He still would have a chance at winning simply because a fight isn't won on base power alone, and Naruto has proven to be cunning and crafty with what he has. But now he doesn't have sage mode, and as such doesn't have the chakra cloak, but in exchange has all the eight gates open. Now that still gives him the upper hand, simply because that means his base power is the same as guy vs six paths Madara, or has the potential to reach that level. Now take his already very powerful base power and add that on top of it, and you get someone who could physically crush most people. He is not unbeatable though. There are many in the dxd verse who could put up a massive fight if not beat him simply because they are more skilled or more unique in their powers. Especially now when he has to retrain himself to reach his past level if not surpass it. I love the story so far, but this next part with reizer will decide if I still love it, or it becomes painful to continue reading.
12/5/2022 c4 Keithbear666
I'm disappointed that you have all eight of his gates open, which doesn't just make stronger but also FASTER, without all the downsides, yet you have him having trouble with FREED SELZIN. you do realize that these guys are only truly a threat to humans and weak devils? And high-class is also counted as weak if not common strength? And do you not realize that sairaorg bael is stronger than all of his generation with just speed and physical strength alone? And do you not realize that Naruto now has equal if not greater strength and speed? Take away the strength and leave the speed and he would crush all the enemies in the first half of the show except kokabiel. So the fact he struggled at all with freed makes my expectations of the story go down by a lot.
11/25/2022 c23 IllusionBreaker
Can't wait to read what happens next
8/19/2022 c23 ashishroy.akr08
updated please
8/7/2022 c3 MoinLeute
Just saw this, and it appears the Authors knowledge about DxD is also trash. there is no war currently but a forced peace bc no one is even capable of war without killing themselfs.
8/7/2022 c1 MoinLeute
The summary of this fanfic already tells me that this is utter bullshit, i just skimmed through the first chp and see even more bullshit, like what special piece that binds to DNA? there are only 16 and i doubt Beelzebub would make a exception for no good reason and plot isnt one, it wouldnt work anyway since Narutos potential and power should far outclass Rias power, not to forget Kurama, who is bound to him like a sacred gear only he is far stronger than one... also i heavily doubt Rias can fight Madara or is anywhere near his strenght level.

And the way he died? Stupid, Naruto got a chidori through the chest and barely survived, i doubt some ugly light spear can do better in his abdomen. He could have also saved way easier... he could have shunshined behind her and killed her with a rasengan and in case his tenketsu are sealed... dont make me laugth he could open them easily like during the Chunin exams.

I come to the conclusion that the author either has no idea about Naruto and how its world works or he thinks almost every supernatural in DxD are half gods and can crush Ninjas ,that can devestate landscapes easily, like ants. There is so much wrong with this fanfic that it could be very much an extreme AU (more than it already is) with an SI (instead of Naruto) who is also nerfed to kingdom comes.
7/1/2022 c4 Monkey King Omega
bull shit
5/17/2022 c23 ashishroy.akr08
nice going.. interesting story line . please continue updating and writing. Thankyou
4/6/2022 c23 Guest
Not sure if you're still looking at your comments on this story as you're likely still preoccupied with your original story, but if you are, on occasion, checking, then I would like to tell you how much I genuinely enjoyed it. I've always had issues with authors flooding a FF with so many creative liberties that their story is more like an original series that happens to involve se familiar names. You, on the other hand, never crossed that line. The only liberties you took work well enough and simply by virtue of Naruto BEING HERE there had to be a few. As for all the complaints of power scaling, I believe you've got it about accurate where Naruto can body anyone below Faction leader with ease and is on par with some top tiers while still being absolutely outclassed by the pinnacle tiers. To wrap up this rambling mess of a review, I'm a fan and looking forward to reading more if you ever get the time to continue it.
4/2/2022 c23 1CHRIS8477
Great chapter I can not wait to see who all ends up 8n Naruto's peerage. Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the AWESOME WORK!
3/27/2022 c5 1Pixelitus
There it is. I can’t see this… MC as Naruto anymore. I just can’t. He feels like some OC or SI sharing his name, looks, and some events. For me, the story had potential for me to genuinely enjoy it, but with what you did with “Sasuke”, and what you did with “Naruto”? I just can’t bear to continue reading this story.
3/27/2022 c4 Pixelitus
Truth seeker orbs can destroy ninjutsu and can turn things to dust if you try.
3/27/2022 c3 Pixelitus
Please tell me that him watching Sasuke punch Sakura through the chest was that one genjutsu and he actually thought it was real for a few seconds. Please. Don’t be another unoriginal story that makes Sasuke way worse than he is and has Naruto give up (Which he never does), or become more mature (the scene where Naruto said he’ll remain a fool for the rest of his life is still fresh in my mind). I want to see the cycle of hatred lessen. I want to see Naruto achieve his goals. I want him to actually bring peace. I want the cycle of Ashura and Indra to end. I need this. Please. Don’t ruin Sasuke, and don’t ruin Naruto because of it. I’m begging you. Please.
3/27/2022 c1 Pixelitus
Yo-Kai use Chakra in DxD. There IS also Natural Energy, but by going off of what Koneko, Kuroka, and some others acquainted with Sagehood, the Natural Energy in DxD is apparently full of malice enough to be toxic, and can drive people insane. Also, may I suggest reading the light novel, or even just checking the wiki before you man any claims or decisions?
3/26/2022 c3 leblanq
Wow this Story is just a Super Nerf. A small headache and Naruto couldn't even beat freed the weakest antagonists in the whole series. A Naruto that was Hokage before...
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