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for Shadow of the Devil

6/11 c9 5Juubi no ookami
Finally, someone who gets it.

Yes Naruto at the peak of his powers is on the level of the heavenly dragons, but he is not stronger than they are.

Ddraig was already stated to be strong enough to destroy the planet with pure physical strength alone and that is far more than Naruto being able to but gapping holes and survive the moon exploding on him in his base form.

Naruto and Kaguya are not on the level of Ophis the infinite dragon and Great Red the true dragon representing dream.

No one in this community understands this crap and I am glad that you get it.
6/8 c2 maskedkeeper
damn nice writing, but I just can't read these.
like, you know rias let you die then enslaved you and he his like, ohh ok. Id be pissed, honestly.
6/6 c23 suryamgangwal63
How often will u be able to update this story. This might be the only story where naruto isn't as strong as great red from the beginning, that's why i am asking
6/5 c23 JuanKui
Loved every single chapter that I've read. Can't wait to see what's next. Goodluck with your original stories as well! With how you write id be glad to purchase em myself.
6/3 c4 Alexander Lawliet
I mean technically Madara could do that
5/27 c23 SonicBlast4444
Fastest promoted devil...why am i mot shocked. Thats just how he is. Look forward to more.
5/27 c23 nickclause
Nice chapter
5/26 c11 5Beast Mode92
I was afraid this was gonna happen. I’m not sure if I’ll continue this story or not. I really don’t want to read a story that just comes down to naruto solving all of Rias’ issues for her.
5/26 c1 Beast Mode92
So Rias just happened to have this random piece to use on naruto. I really hope you do some kind of flash with a good reason she has that piece. I hope this wasn’t just a lazy way to shove naruto into canon without completely nerfing him.
5/25 c21 KingAllen
Is this just normal KM or is it Six Path Mode?
5/24 c23 Shadow
Loved it!
5/24 c23 Elchabon
Great chapter, thanks for the update.
Greetings and keep it up.

P.S. There will always be jealous idiots or simply people with inferiority complexes who, in order to feel better about themselves, spread hatred or contempt. It is best to ignore them, because they are toxic people.
5/23 c23 The Light Hunter
Your story is really great
5/23 c23 RandomPudding
It was a great ride so far, and these last chapters show how your writing has improved compared to 2014. This may be one of the only stories I still read on this site. Good job!
5/23 c23 boydarr42
Hey I’m enjoying the story please keep up the quick updates, but I really don’t get why naruto wouldn’t mention meeting valí. It really doesn’t make any sense to me. Yeah he’s the type to not give all the info away but he has no way of knowing no one else saw him so he’s just making himself seem suspicious by keeping the information to himself
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