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for The Grimm Hybrid

11/17/2020 c3 reptoholic
keep it up
11/17/2020 c2 reptoholic
11/17/2020 c1 reptoholic
10/2/2017 c10 Sarahburch
Plz update
12/7/2015 c8 Mrs.HappyAnarchy
There related
7/5/2015 c5 0netflixme0
Update soon plz...
4/30/2015 c4 1Psychotic-Penguin13
Well things just got a lot more complicated. But she's part Grimm, life is already complicated, but this takes it to a new level... But hey Sean is sexy, so he's an exception. I like the chapter; however I would recommend getting a beta and making them longer. Other than that you're good :) Update soon.
4/30/2015 c4 Mrs.HappyAnarchy
Venom Sean is a Royal! !
3/11/2015 c3 isabela.sayuricoelhoono
Eu acho que é o Renard
1/22/2015 c3 Random Person
Renard. Definitely Renard.
11/29/2014 c2 vboss9080
Please update soon! :-)
7/23/2014 c2 7Charmedgrays
I like it update soon
6/8/2014 c1 Guest
awesome! do you plan to continue? this is so interesting and original!
6/1/2014 c1 emmabou
luv if she and renard got together , 2 hybrids wesen falling in love and lol he deserves someone update soon xx

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