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for The Immortal Son of the Earth

7/21 c4 Blue31
This is a great story so far. I hope you continue the story.
5/22 c6 Guest
nooooooo moooooooooooooooore
5/5 c6 Lucas.N.Q06
Gran capítulo,espero el siguiente capítulo cn muchas ansias..
5/4 c6 2TheXPlazer
well, it's safe to say this is dead
5/3 c6 1Sankarea396
3/13 c6 JaunetheRNJR
Hey just giving a review for this story as I really like it. This seems like a darker version of a young god. There is a lot of setup for some juicy conflict and focus on the mortal side of the world. I don't know what your plans for Gaia are yet though. From what I have gathered it is likely a twisted love. She loves Naruto but can't get over her need for vengeance. This will likely push him to side more with the Olympians. He may in the end replace Gaia as the new Earth Primordial. Anyways I hope to this story continue at some point.
1/26 c5 DracoKing30
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
7/5/2022 c5 Brother V
Stop fucking capping even if he was his lion and dragon could've sorted them out
7/5/2022 c2 Brother V
Silena had a bf in the original why you wanna mess that up
7/5/2022 c1 Brother V
This nigga smashed his grandma :O
7/1/2022 c6 realfan16
guess we'll never the people's reaction to the son of Gaïa
6/30/2022 c6 realfan16
guess we'll never the people's reaction to the son of Gaïa
5/24/2022 c6 JUANMARTIN202000
latima que no hay mas, era una buenísima historia ojala hubiera mas
5/7/2022 c6 thmstrbtr96
I find this rather interesting entertaining and more
5/4/2022 c6 Guest
Please write more
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