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for A Myth Proved to Be True, Once I Met You

5/9/2017 c3 Disturbed One
Can you write more please?
8/25/2014 c3 2Sheepdog20
Hey kid, I already have two cavities that need filled. I love this story but it so sweet I might get cavities. I also have no idea why I decided to call you kid.
8/25/2014 c2 Sheepdog20
You sneaky Vulcan. Nice use of lyrics from the song. I feel so happy for knowing that. I love this story keep writing it please.
8/25/2014 c1 Sheepdog20
I didn't know Vulcan had an ocean, if even a small one. Cool. I love love love mermaids.
7/29/2014 c3 person098
Looks as if it could be a very interesting story and I will definetly read future chapters
6/8/2014 c2 21pamiibear
This is AMAZING! :D I hope you update again VERY soon! But if you can't, no pressure. Just know I'll be cheering when I see you've added another chapter. - Stay awesome!
5/31/2014 c2 1Shebajay
Your story is really good so far. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.
5/27/2014 c1 Guest
Mermaid Kirk is just awesome
5/24/2014 c1 Kirkiness
More please
5/20/2014 c1 Hanginthereman
Yes, please do continue!
5/19/2014 c1 13Suga Bee

I really like the premise and it's an interesting AU, one that I've never really seen with this couple, so I'm excited to see where you take this. :)

Your loyal reader,
Suga Bee
5/19/2014 c1 Solo16
More please ! 0 XD
5/18/2014 c1 7Marassaya
Interesting. Looking forward to future updates.
5/18/2014 c1 1234
Like it :) please more :):)

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