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for CANCELLED, redoing, see Summary - Flicka: Mare Of The Cimarron

5/25/2018 c1 50Fanfic girl of all worlds
It was OK but space it out a bit. When it's so close together it gets really hard to understand.
9/7/2014 c16 GreenGlassMirror
Oh no, things are coming to an end! X
Familiars? If you've read Kami-sama Hajimemashita, then you'll think of 'familiars' differently! :) :P X)

Thanks, I actually chose my name from the name of a game, called "Green Glass Looking Mirror".
9/2/2014 c1 RogueMelodyAngel
Sorry I didnKt log in to post this review.

It a nice first chapter defs gonna read more!

At first I thought the characters to be human, Indians, to be exact, but then the surprise came - no they're horses!

Thanks for that, I actually really love stories of horses as much as I love horses themselves!
8/30/2014 c16 12Julia N SnowMiko
Daaaauuummm, Flicka is gonna have a hard training session.

What the heel... Geez Knight, no need to hold a grudge. -_- nobody ever liked a sour horse-y pants! -:,' *- raised eyebrow* not as clever as I thought it'd been... Sounded better in my head. XD
8/10/2014 c15 Julia N SnowMiko

Is a Dancha like a Wachu?
Well, Flicka had a short, brief, meeting with Niju... I like the name, how'd you come up with it? Or, where'd you hear/see/find it?

I must thank CHU for pointing out that it's Dancha, not DanCHU! Thank CHU!
8/10/2014 c15 GreenGlassMirror
Dancha and Danchu... Is there a difference between them besides the 'a' and the 'u'?

Oh, loved the chapter! Can NOT wait for more!
8/8/2014 c14 Julia N SnowMiko
Oh My GOOOOODDDD! Creek and Lily had a baby! How, I mean... Why the heck didn't they use protection?! (There is a hint of sarcasm in my question)

Oh, so that's how Flicka's destiny comes into play, someone follows Knight to the Indian camp/village. (Or so I'm guessing.
7/30/2014 c13 Guest
That is... An interesting dream. Please write more! :) :P
6/25/2014 c11 Julia N SnowMiko
Well, that is certainly interesting! Pretty cool too!

Hahaha! She can't tell the difference between her and Spirit! XD So she has a destiny laid out for her, hm... Now, the only question is, will she fight her destiny, will she try and avoid it, or will she willingly go along with it? Hm... :3
6/24/2014 c11 KuroNeko
Oh my god wow, I've been so behind. Ugh, SORRY! Looking for a job is time consuming. Bleh. What's this you were saying to Julia N SnowMiko... Checking reviews...


Flicka's fault? For all they know it could be a trap! Something you are planning to be a trap... Or, since Flicka knows about her destiny, will she lead them there purposely?
6/18/2014 c10 Julia N SnowMiko
Hahaha, Well that much is true! Horse figurines on YouTube, huh? Interestingly interested! ... XD

His name is Roger? Well, that'll be awkward when they have to speak to him, confirming they heard him... "Roger... Roger." X) Hehe!
6/8/2014 c9 Julia N SnowMiko
That was a lot of new herd members! And let me guess, that girly mate that called Flicks sent the wolves. (If I'm right, I totally just read your mind! If not, I was only guessing!)
6/1/2014 c8 Julia N SnowMiko
Oh darn... But I guess your right. But he could be, while Creek is bring him and his friends back to Creek's tribe, and Creek would be riding one of Darko's friends! Hehehe! (Evil horse whinny) XD
6/1/2014 c8 KuroNeko
Oooh! Don't forget the painful training! From Creek! Lol! It's too bad Creek had to leave, but I'm sure Flicks will manage on her own well enough! She's becoming a leader!
5/31/2014 c7 KuroNeko
Really? Yay! I'm so glad Creek and Knight ignored Darko! He doesn't deserve any attention! Or friends. Okay, maybe a few friends that could make him nicer... Through painful training! Lolz!
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