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for CANCELLED, redoing, see Summary - Flicka: Mare Of The Cimarron

5/31/2014 c7 12Julia N SnowMiko
Hehe, I like Knight! And his name suits him perfectly! Hehehe! Oh, I just had an amazing idea! Let Darko get eaten by wild dogs/wolves/any meat eater! :)
5/23/2014 c6 KuroNeko
Oh my GOD! That was... Can I injure Darko? OH! Can I have an OC? So my OC can beat up Darko? PLZZZZZZ?
5/21/2014 c5 Julia N SnowMiko
Yay! Go Flicka! Hehehe!

Okay! And yay, thank you! Can't wait for the next chapter! Hahaha, update soon, HG!
5/20/2014 c4 Julia N SnowMiko
Loved this chapter, and how you changed the scene from Spirit! Oh, remember to capitalize the beginning letter of a name, it's important. And remember commas, they help you describe what's happening.

Example: Without commas - "I like cooking my family my friends and my pets!" - With commas - "I like cooking, my family, my friends, and my pets."
I hope the advice helps!

Hahaha, a lime moment is, well, a moment when a male/female will start flirting with the main character, and try to woo the main character over.

A short example: "Jacob had become interested in Claire when she had stood up to him a few days before. Since he was on the football team, the star leader, every not only respected him, but they were scared because he was so muscular. Jacob starred down at Claire, his hand cupping her cheek. 'I think I might like you.' He leaned down to whisper in her ear. He then slanted his lips over hers, drawing a gasp from petal pink lips."

It then goes on to her/him paying more attention to the main character, holding her hand when her can, giving her short but sweet kisses here and there.

I hope my explanation helped!
And please, call me SnowMiko!
And your story is still a bit new, give it some time to get reviews. I remember my first story, I was so depressed, thing no one liked it. So don't give up hope! Keep doing your best! Oh my gosh, this is a long review! Anyways,
SnowMiko out!
5/19/2014 c3 Julia N SnowMiko
Sweet! I like this! You know, the leader's son and Flicks should have a lime moment. Just something short. But super sweet! Lol, anyways, keep up the good work, I'm loving you story so far, an I can't wait to read more!
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