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2/20 c41 Navywife07
Please update
2/13 c41 mistyann thomas
More please
1/21 c13 Guest
What is the point of Bella remaining human when she is just going to live with vampires, locked up?
1/18 c40 13jenmer61977
More more more pleeeeeessssse!
1/14 c41 jenmer61977
Come back please this is. Great!
10/31/2022 c41 abaker9
Ah, my God! The cliffhanger!
10/31/2022 c40 abaker9
I love this Aro. Bella's a little too satisfied with herself for my tastes, but I love this story. I've been watching the chapters tick down and I'd reading it coming to an end.
10/31/2022 c29 abaker9
Good for her!
10/31/2022 c26 abaker9
I'm so glad I found this story!
10/30/2022 c22 abaker9
Ohhhhh, a twist.
10/26/2022 c41 Annalouise1
Hello there, I was wondering if your going to extend your story? This book is extremely good. I can’t wait to read if your possibility going to add on to the story. Thanks
9/19/2022 c41 1tinac
This chapter threw out all the grown up mature strong Bella. She became insecure trusting the untrusted worthy Cullens, and regard ending the Cullens as special vs the guard that are standing with her. Now Edward is dragging her father into the mess? I liked Bella handle of rose but not the rest of Bella in this chapter.

Still I want more please.
9/13/2022 c41 Mari 12367
Пожалуйста продолжите писать эту историю
9/7/2022 c41 VintageMermaid
This story is so interesting! I love it so much. I think the only thing I'm sad about is how little Marcus is mentioned lmao but that's just me being obsessed over him. I love the Bellaro ship so much and this story is so refreshing. I hope one day you'll add more updates, and if you do, I look forward to them 3
8/26/2022 c1 Guest
Love Charlie, hate Edwin
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