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5/20/2014 c1 Guest
Love it! Can't wait to see what happens next!
5/20/2014 c1 sister
I like that. I only wish more self-confident Bella and less childish Aro. I dont like in captive soul her physical shield, she was invincible. Nobody could challenge her.
5/19/2014 c1 5Mia Foster
Please update soon this is amazing. i live the plot and the idea is not a common one either. Update so i can read what happens next! x
5/19/2014 c1 AnaBookWorm
Oh my god I love this! It is such an original idea and so wonderfully written. I was going to ask you if you were going to make another Aro/Bella story and then this shows up (I mean WOW). And to hear you say (or write) that your favourite pairing is Aro/Bella, I just squealed!
5/18/2014 c1 2SnapeFanatic1
Yesss another Aro/Bella pairing! Love it! Though, to be honest I think you could make any fictional couple work. You just have a certain flair for these things...heh

Though, you're going to hear this from me...again...another T rating?! :/ I got soooo pumped that you had a new story...then a ping of disappointment at the rating. *sarcastic* Sigh...I'll just have to hope for something smutty between those two someday.

Anyways I can't wait to see where you take us on this story!
5/18/2014 c1 9LucifersDemonAngel
good story so far. It's very interesting and I'm curious to see where it leads to. keep up the good work. can't wait to read what happens next. update soon. :)
5/18/2014 c1 21Khyharah
Interesting idea having Aro play the secret admirer card. I like it :) can't wait to see more!
5/18/2014 c1 Guest
I like it
5/18/2014 c1 2WerewolvesProtector
This is great! :D I love it and I can't stop reading it! :) The descriptions are so clear and I can imagine the scenes so clearly. It's simply perfect, as are all of your other stories :).
I wonder if Edward will notice Bella's necklace... Either way, can't wait for more :D
5/18/2014 c1 3IFeelItToo
I didn't review because I didn't feel that I had enough of a plot to review yet. :)
But I love it at this point
5/18/2014 c1 tammyrolls
I like how you started this one. I don't think I've seen a fic with this premise before. Can't wait for another chapter! Well done!
5/18/2014 c1 Gyvir26
Great to see another one coming down the pipe. :-) Can't wait to see where this one takes us.
5/18/2014 c1 2A Thousand Undiscovered Stars
I've been reading Every Captive Soul, and I'm glad to hear that you're going to continue writing for this pairing. There aren't nearly enough Aro/Bella stories. You're an excellent writer, and I look forward to reading more of your work!
5/18/2014 c1 SnakeInMyBoot44
Im really enjoying this! But I have one question. Wouldnt Edward be able to smell the scent of the vampire on the package and on the jewelry?
5/18/2014 c1 Guest
I like the story so far. Because I know your story Capitive Soul, I think this will be a good story too.
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