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2/8/2021 c11 Haylin25
Je suis mal à l'aise ! XD
2/8/2021 c10 Haylin25
You got me! xD
I expected to Aro but Im really happy he was not
2/3/2021 c41 Keyra Davis
i wish you would finish this. its my favorite aro and bella story
1/31/2021 c41 Jess
Thank you for this gem! Badass Bella is awesome. And Aro is such a sweetheart of a gentleman. Be still my heart.

Keep up the FANTASTIC work!
1/21/2021 c41 Guest
Oh please do update! I'm really enjoying this! i actually forgot the guard was even in the house until it was brought up, ahah.
1/20/2021 c37 She vs. I
Just wanted to point out again that you're flipping between first and third person POV without explicit indications of the a new POV. "Knowing she'd have to stop him" for example isn't in first person. But Bella is the "she", and the sentence prior to this is Bella using "I" not "she". So is she referring to herself in third person?
1/20/2021 c36 Logistics
Hi! I really like your story. But I just have a question. Why did you write it partly in first person and partly in third person? You say "His gaze still hadn't fallen on her, she could see comprehension-" but then say "I raised my hands-". I would've been able to understand this if you had separated it into various POVs. But I just got a little confused because it's mostly Bella's POV, using "I", but then she refers to herself as "she". Is this a separate persona?
1/20/2021 c40 chicalocas
I love your story. Will you be updating soon?
1/20/2021 c32 Aww
The deja vu moment where Aro held out his hand and played along with "Would you do me the honour", that was beautiful 3 :))

Really enjoying your story! Getting even better.
1/18/2021 c18 Well done
I only wish you explicitly mentioned "Aro" more because I had no clue he was in the chapter until I read some descriptions. Since you didn't mention his name.
1/17/2021 c15 No way
Omg you had me! Aro of course was playing mind games, seeing her face as he held out an envelope claiming they were something else when in the end, it was actually a letter. A great reveal. Though I think Bella could've closed her blinds. I was also thinking the volturi wouldn't need flight tickets, as they probably have a private jet. It's like when Aro and Bella talk through letters and IM messages, they're completely different people from their real life conversations. But I noticed you covered that! Well done. And the ending has me excited! I did think you were going to change his username after her mentioned that topic.
1/17/2021 c14 Ahhh
Omggg the ending! I was going to say "hold up, didn't Bella say "I saw you" and he went "you did?" earlier..
1/16/2021 c10 I take it back
Yes I really did think that.. only because who the f else would be self centered enough to say "There's no need to self harm just because you're missing me." (Literally right after she admits missing him... And you mentioned "window that had been previously closed" which immediately made me think a vampire sneakily snuck in... forgive me for thinking such...
1/16/2021 c9 Omg
The way my jaw DROPPED, at the end... Wow.. I'm honestly just so excited to keep reading! Did he lie about being in Seattle then? No way he could've got to Bella's even with vampire speed...
1/16/2021 c8 Finally
Finally she gets it! Very well written, good buildup. You didn't rush it at all. Nice ending to the chapter.
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