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for Hunger In Me

3/25/2016 c26 milagglad
Interesante story ...
7/1/2015 c26 aznb
OH MY GAWD! This story is AMAZING! i look forward to reading more.
1/4/2015 c26 rmpcmfan
Definitely a bittersweet end, yet I have hope that things will get better with time. They need time to think things over but I think they have to talk at least one more time.
12/31/2014 c26 Bkwrmchar
Thank You for the fantastic chapter/story! Glad Emily and JJ plus Jane and Maura are good. Too bad Garcia allowed Morgan to plant doubts in her mind. Morgan just can't keep his thoughts to himself...
12/29/2014 c26 Carrie.Jo
Really loved this story, can't wait for more. You are a great writer! :-)
12/26/2014 c26 LKlovesAK
reading both loving both but you Knew that. going to reread both completely when they are both finished thank you so much
12/24/2014 c26 Kimd33
I feel sad for them.
12/14/2014 c25 joann
10/27/2014 c25 Emilee Walters
Holy cliffhanger! Amazing chapter though!
9/30/2014 c1 Guest
Keep going
9/28/2014 c25 rmpcmfan
With Emily not healing properly the last thing she needs is a stake to the stomach!
9/22/2014 c25 Billa206
This is a great fanfic! Absolutely love it!
9/21/2014 c25 2chawkchic
Glad to have a new chapter. Leaving us on the edge of our proverbial seats I see. :)
9/21/2014 c25 Bkwrmchar
Ooooo...that is so not good for Emily! I hope Jane kills Doyle in a painful way. Thank You for the fantastic chapter.
9/21/2014 c25 CallMeO.T
Seriously great chapter and well worth the wait. It's intense can't wait to find out what happens next.
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