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4/4/2023 c1 HoneyBear84
Love it lol
3/12/2017 c1 Mirage
that was a great Story crossover love this Pairing and how those idiots got there ass haned to them...ok one but the other more or less to as they di not try to help there friend in fear and then they will learn that they are teacher...i so would love to see where this could go with a second Story, and the look in the idiots faces
9/18/2016 c1 Lady Leo 1993
I love this story so much. I've read it about 10 times. PLEASE make a sequel maybe a little longer so that we get to see Harry and Riddick teach and the students and teachers reaction to them.
6/13/2016 c1 1ISupposeThisWillDo
XD I would LOVE to see everyone's reactions to Harry as a teacher XD Especially Karofsky's, stupid bastard.
3/4/2016 c1 LunarisDraconis
so sweet
12/4/2015 c1 8RenTenTen
Lmao! Riddick going to see Fast and Furious. I just can't.
9/20/2015 c1 4Darkestshadow Brightestlight
I love this story!
4/22/2015 c1 1Fierrokc
Hey! You know what would make an even better story!? This!
11/24/2014 c1 4Miss Eliza Lupin
You know what would make an even more awesome oneshot? Or even a story? A sequel to this. Just something short where I would love to see karofsky's reaction to Harry and Riddick teaching at McKinley and see how those two deal with the bullies at the school.

Anyways loved it and hope you'll take my suggestions into consideration.

11/23/2014 c1 26The Plot Bunny Whisperer
Can there be more? Please maybe? *pokepoke*
10/24/2014 c1 22A Random Bowser
That was an awesome one shot.
9/3/2014 c1 2IgorTheBat
it would be awesome to be it :)
8/8/2014 c1 9Raven AzuNoctuli
Ah Ah Ah ! A little bit narcissic our (inter)national Vin Diesel isn't it ?
7/25/2014 c1 Guest
hilarious ending. loved it.
7/23/2014 c1 1roobug21301
no no no! want more! and NO BLAINE lol sorry as soon as i found out that he cheated on Kurt that was it for him... so maybe a little kurt/harry/riddick? lol
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