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for Less Than Zero

2/14 c1 Zero
I have read this like three times and i cant stop imagining Nulls suit like Hierophant Green from JoJos.
2/14 c47 Axel466
necesito más de esto
2/6 c21 MFstories
Is that a supernatural reference
1/30 c47 VinTheOne
Thank you for the good memories
1/27 c7 Guest
Actually I was reading because it was unique cause the mc was a thief. All the hero stuff is killing the mood for me.
1/28 c1 Aguled11
/7zmDPWFBLF sign this petition to make a new less than zero fanfic
1/20 c1 14farooqia
Second time reading story. Everything about it is so good, from the great writing techniques to the perfect grammar. Such an in depth story is very rare.
1/16 c47 1jamthacreator
This story is a masterpiece!
1/13 c47 Guest
You gotta respect a man who get himself killed over a bad bitch. Yea he’s dumb as fuck but he stands on business
1/4 c47 1asthane
Hi Kenchi! Thank you so much for the story!
It's pretty rare for authors to finish them, so I'm grateful.
This was such a wild ride, from trying to hide his identity in school to going to space lol. I kinda missed the simplicity in the latter chapters, tbh. And like you said, there's a lot of loose ends that I would've liked to see followed up. I wanted to see Anarky and Red Hood meet the most. That would've been pretty eventful.
Overall, this was a very good story considering it's the DC universe with its gigantic cast and numerous plots. It was fun to read and didn't ask me to swallow too much-it reasonably maintained my suspension of disbelief. My only gripe, however, is how fast he improved. Even the little "boosts" he got from Wonder Girl's lasso, and Black Adam's lightning did only so much to explain it. Especially at the end, he SHOULD have died. Being able to decode electronic signals and transmissions on the Auctioneer's ship felt a bit unnatural. Mastering the iron sand in a few weeks was far-fetched. But the EMP he threw out at Brother Eye really took me out of it. It'd been only a year since he got his powers too.
Another thing that bothered me was the lack of consequences for the Arkham Breakout and his operations with Red Hood. I'm sure Batman would've figured it out.
Anyway, aside from that, the voice and development of characters were very good. They didn't feel OOC at all. I liked your choice of supporting characters for the various arcs. They all made a point of blurring the line between the heroes and villains. Even the big 3 and JL's primary members. I didn't read the original mindwipes arc in the comics, but Canary being unrepentant about it really drove it home. A lot of the heroes' actions weren't heroic, and a lot of the villians' were. It highlighted the grayscale of humanity, rather than the black and white.
I hope there's a sequel. I want to see all of the supporting characters' thoughts on Null's actions, and consequences. Cause he really pulled a fast one over the entire world-he got everything he wanted.
Anyway, thanks for the commitment and sticking to the bitter end. Looking forward to future reads.

And thank you for the lemon warnings. It is much appreciated. More authors should do that.
1/4 c47 16Chmia
Congratulations on finishing a story! Thanks for bringing us along on the adventure.
12/27/2023 c47 Yopleasee
I binged this story in like 3 days, and I enjoyed every part of it. Sad to see it finished but loved the journey. More people should definitely give it a read.
12/27/2023 c3 18Infinity819
Love the DBZA references haha
12/21/2023 c47 ChaMy0
Incredible story.
12/16/2023 c47 2Shigeraki
One the best stories ive read in a while. I wish this would get like a sequel, or maybe an epilogue chapter or two, to show us what happens next and where they are heading in the future of this earth
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