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11/27 c47 1SilverFl4me32
Damn this was good, but I just have to say it. This whole fic can be summed up in that tiktok meme, "when your opp sends you a vid of him successfully putting a switch on a sniper" XD. Every chapter I can just see Max falling to his knees going "no noo nooooo noo" over some bs thats come up.
"When Deadshot scams you into stealing kryptonite and only give you 50K"
"When Deadshot shoots you even thought you saved his daughter and got the job done"
"when you impulsively decide to steal something then end up getting framed for terrorism"
"when you finally get the drop on the guy who framed you but Batman shows up"
"when you realize the suit thats saving your life is actually killing you"
"When you realize batman knew you were innocent but still beat the breaks off you anyway"
"When you just risked your life trying to get help in an attempt to save it, then find out your were never dying in the first place"
"When you finally convince blue Beatle that youre there to help him but then you get a call about another emergency"
the list goes on XD. Seriously, the guy just couldn't catch a break.

anyway, memes aside, this was a great fic and was a good example of why you shouldn't take reviews as end all be all without trying it for yourself. There were so many complaints about ravager, or max leading supergirl on and a bunch of other nonsense, but imo you did a good job of characterizing max and showcasing his struggles with his own budding 'ideology.' Anyway, looking forward to more if you ever decide to pick this up with some sort of sequel. That and I'll definitely be checking out your other fics!
11/24 c37 Guest
Alright I did say earlier that there was no way I you would pair Max and Kara and was sad, I was proven wrong! I've never been happier about being wrong lmaoooo
11/24 c34 sheeeeeeeeeeesh
I can only imagine that without prior mindfuck training, wrecking the shit out of your hands requires balls the diameter of the moon
11/23 c30 bruh
How'd you get sound to travel through space? ️
11/23 c23 Guest again
I honestly would've been all for this ship but Rose is actually a cold-blooded murder who could get him into real messed up shit. He's about to help her free prisoners ffs, ugh. Even though the chance is less than miniscule, I still ship SuperGirl and Null
11/23 c22 Guest
Yes. Definitely ship them but it's just so sad they most likely won't end together. I can feel this being a false hope at best ;-;

Great writing yet again man, godspeed.
11/24 c47 LeonaidasRage
What a whirlwind of emotions... And as loathe I am to say it, his "ily"s always catch me off guard, goddammit this shit is way too sweet. And fuck yeaaaaaaaaaa he's staying with Kara.

And goddamn bro, the amount of different comics/plots you merged together cohesively, just *chef's kiss*

This did make me drop everything and binge it for 2.5 days straight oof. But still, I'd really, really look forward to a sequel, but best of luck with your life first and foremost man. Thank you for this gorgeous work of art.
11/21 c47 S1R
One of the best stories by one of the best writers, I'm grateful every day you still post on this dead forsaken site. I've been following your writing for about a decade now and I actually am incredibly upset this story has ended... but i really pray the sequel comes soon
11/16 c1 Bb34
11/14 c47 reptoholic
Loved the ending. I really wish we could have seen more of the reactions to him saving the planet and how the world takes his last minute call.
11/14 c46 reptoholic
Enjoyed it
11/14 c45 reptoholic
11/13 c47 baker1944
Absolutely loved this fix, have been reading it for a long time and I’m glad it was completed. Thank you so very much. If you do a sequel series, I can not wait to read it.
11/10 c47 Guest
Loved it from start to finish. Good shit man.
11/8 c47 2Phantom of Disunity
It's been over a decade now since I first read your work. Was just some kid then. It's a weird feeling. Not quite sure it's the same as what you might feel now though. Strange how life changes but ultimately stays the same.

And, Ken, you know how to actually fight. Remember what Casey said? Been years since but he had a point. You're still wrestling? Is it safer or does it pay more?
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