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3h c23 1Emerald Bandit
dangit man you forgot the first rule of life! Don't stick ya dick in crazy!
10/17 c42 Guest
At this point the Justice League would be a fool to continue seeing Null like a headache thief that he used to be and not see his potential after the things he's done for them and how his power has come a long way. Even big villains like Luthor knows the huge potential of his power and im pretty sure he earned some respect from Black Adam.

If he was able to damage Power Boy before back when he's weaker he probably could take him head on now and come out on top. After all getting struck and absorbing Black Adam's lightning 3 times should've made his body since its no ordinary lightning.

Null vs Power Boy rematch when? No interruptions, no tricks, just a head on match he fought Black Adam so Power Boy should be way less intimidating now. Come on Null needs a clean, straight win against a heavy hitter in a fight of strength/fire power to show his power's growth because beating street level thugs doesn't really say much.
10/16 c43 Guest
Have you considered changing Max' appearance in the future? So far he had rather basic brown hair and eyes, so I thought about Hitman 47, where John Smith got electrocuted to the point his hair and eye color turned white. Maybe something similiar here as well? But it likely mean the end of Max' civilian life, since he can't hide such a change. Maybe once he goes full villain or hero?
10/17 c43 theawsomest5
It is now 1:30am and I have to be awake at 4:00am to be to work on time but damn this was worth it!
10/14 c43 King0fP0wers
Second Review:
Everyone keeps crying about how great Max and Kara are, but I see it as yet another shaky relationship in this story. Kara herself stated that the amount of trust they can give each other is limited and has to constantly live with the thought of having to potentially capture her semi-neutral boyfriend. Don't get me wrong, Kara herself is great, but like Jason himself said, a relationship where one tries to change their partner is not exactly good, even if it has good intentions. Should Max ever decide to take up heroism though, then there should be far less problems.
Rose was the opposite, trying to coax out his hidden dark side. With some partial success. Lonely and starved for affection, she evidently took the whole... playtime with Max more seriously than expected. It is pretty crazy that she feels like a woman scorned when she was the one to break off their relationship in the first place. To be fair though, it was a temporary thing from the very start. And you don't want to piss off Deathstroke for a teenage romance. Max himself acted quite petty about the whole thing when they met again. And I believe he still holds a torch for her, considering some of his thoughts.
10/16 c43 Mics2021
I really hope they work things out. I liked Rose's and null's friendship.
10/14 c43 Guest
Regarding his glowing eyes can he shoot lasers/lighting out if it or is it just for badass look like Thor? Laser eyes are badass imo
10/13 c1 1Anime Crossovers
See you say your out of your comfort zone yet there is 43 chapters. I'm gonna have hit 'f' for doubt here buddy.
10/13 c43 Diabolos Aides
Amazing chapter I can't wait to read more
10/13 c43 jon reeve
/Okay, that was a pretty epic ending/cliffhanger there. I'm excited for the next chapter. I'm also glad that it didn't go the way of him actually beingnin harms way of the Ravager siblings. It would have been fine, but also probably would have felt cliche, or something like that.

/Heh, not much chance out out-petty-ing a super that can hear your heartbeat and read your micro expressions faster than you can hide them. Now they both gonna want him after he somehow comes off endearing when he explains their relationships to each other.

/I think they're forgetting that secret identities are kinda a big deal for a former nobody like Null. Gotta respect how well he's kept his (3-4) lives separate.

/The fact that Kara knew that Null was approching and timed her takedown of Rose like that is kinda adorable. Obviously she is he superior mate; look how sbe easily defeated the old flame. XD
10/7 c43 Guest
Man I love realistic relationships like this. Harems only apply to medieval settings and should not be present in modern fiction, at best it should only be player for laugh. You can't seriously make the new girl propose something like 'how about we sharing him?' to the ex who is still pinning for her bf.
Anyways, great chapter. Jason's interactions never get old.
10/7 c43 Justafan
Supergirl truly is best girl here unless raven shows up for some reason. Max has to keep kara i dont care how.
10/5 c43 parallaxHero
Glad to see the update Kenchi! With your chapter notes it made me realize how many years I’ve been reading your stuff. Just a note that it’s appreciated - big fan.
10/7 c43 LeroyZanzibar
As a famous wrestling promoter once said: its such good shit.
I'm sure the meeting between Max, Supergirl, and Ravager will go well. I wonder if Batgirl has been clued in yet...I'm sure that meeting will go well too.
Fantastic work as always
10/6 c43 zykwuanmartin
New girl meet old girl AKA war anyway you say you are unkillable
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