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for The Masks We Wear

11/4/2020 c12 KevinDtejeda
Es una lastima que la historia quedé inconclusa
Pero me gustó bastante
8/8/2019 c12 Captain Jeff 69
I wonder if the Author is still publishing as even his profile has not been updated in 3 years.
12/28/2018 c12 Guest
is this a dead story?
1/19/2017 c12 Madgizmo
I do like the intelligent Ranma...it's a nice change the from the typical idiot protagonists in most shonen nowadays.
8/22/2016 c12 8The Keeper of Worlds
Hmmm, quite the nice touch there:-)
8/6/2016 c12 James Birdsong
Good two chapters.
8/7/2016 c12 1buterflypuss
Good chap
8/6/2016 c12 142 with an 8
Yay! An update! Was worried this was a dead fic. Btw if there was any OOC-ness I could not find any. Love this story and hope to see where it leads.
8/6/2016 c12 xbox432
Good interaction between Neko-Ranma and the sisters, will be curious to see if Akane has one of her rare insightful moments and clues in to what it means for Ranma to be so nice to Nabiki.

Also, good to see this story again.
8/6/2016 c12 v3yah
wow... an update
and here I think this story is abandoned
I think I need to re-read the previous chapter but good job for the update and hope you can update soon
7/28/2016 c11 Guest
Finish it! Finish it!
PUULLEEZZZE. With sugar and a cherry on top!

Cynical Rabbit
3/30/2016 c11 buterflypuss
good chap
1/15/2016 c11 Guest
According to your profile, you genuinely think that Nabiki takes care of the Tendos' bills. It's one thing to change her character specifically to provide a softer side, but it's another to think that's actually an aspect of canon Nabiki. Because it really, really, really isn't. Not even remotely. She was perfectly happy to leave the family bankrupt and possibly homeless if it meant she would get her way. But I guess it doesn't really matter in the context of this story, since the whole thing is predicated on the notion that the personalities Rumiko Takahashi presented were not their true selves.
1/15/2016 c11 shugokage
Interesting scene and chapter good job!
1/15/2016 c11 xbox432
Certainly odd to see Ranma and Nabiki going back and forth between friendliness and their mask personas. Still, I guess it gives a nice undertone to the story.

Also surprised at Akane... maybe I've just gotten used to her being all mallet happy, but I never really thought she'd have it in her to actually act mature about training her sister.
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