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1/29/2010 c5 2Shannon Dee
Love the story so far, well written, and an interesting blend. I hope some day you decide to finish it.
4/3/2005 c5 Celes
I absolutely LOVE your story, but.. When are you going to update! T_T You can't stop here! This story is getting really good!
9/13/2004 c5 1MoOnBaYbEe
hey i really love ur story so far. update soon!

MoOnBaYbEe (o^_^o)
6/27/2004 c5 2Killiara
Okay, with you so far. Can't wait to read the rest. I love that ending with Seras saving Miyu, then the cliffhanger sentance...
6/24/2004 c5 14Luciferian
HEll YEAH, this has to be one of the best crossovers i have seen in awhile.
6/12/2004 c1 Desdinova
You seriously need a beta reader. Too many typos and too many spelling errors make it unintentionally funny.

That is, I ASSUME it's not humor.
8/29/2003 c4 Briar
I think it'd be cool if Seres had a run in with Miyu. I think they would get along rather well. It would make it even more interessting if Alucard didn't know about it! I love this story! Miyu, Larva and the vamps for Hellsing. It's summed up in one word. sugoi!
8/22/2003 c4 AfterShock
i quite enjoyed this fanfic keep up the good work
8/21/2003 c4 15Xelena
so, now i know who the bad guy is... wonderful. two small comments- Arucard's Armani suit is red not black. and the star on his gloves is a pentagram or pentacle depending on which direction you're looking at them from. (upside down- cle, right side up- gram)
8/19/2003 c4 S.M
can't wait to read more,please update as soon as possible-suggestion:have Alucard and Seras meet up with Miyu and Larva in the next chapter
6/15/2003 c2 1General Mat
Are you planning on continuing this story? If so, please update soon.
6/1/2003 c3 General Mat
I like it, Plz review.
11/17/2002 c3 2riskygamble
Very nice. What is Seras having to put up with while Arucard is off galivanting around? Can't wait for the next chapter!
11/13/2002 c3 15Xelena
i like it- please update soon- i'll try to update the story of mine you reviewed if you do- which one was it again? i'll make it numero uno priority.
11/9/2002 c3 19Teleute
Nice, you keep Alucard in character... Well done!

So this is the Tv-Miyu, eh?

I like her, but I prefer the playfull and mischivous OAV's Miyu...

Thanks for your review, by the way!
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