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for Luigi's Best Day Ever?

3/13/2015 c6 5Tiffany64
I like it but why u no have new chapter?
'Ooh how are they going to deal with Luigi?'
All of a sudden, I can imagine them saying "Time travel, eh? ...look, bub, we ain't THAT sort of party." :p

The ? in 'Luigi's Best Day Ever?' is definitely justified by now- what rotten luck! :p
Martinez as in Charles Martinet, am I right? Either way, I rather the sound of that than Mario Mario or Luigi Mario. Martinez is nice, I can see why you chose it :)

Penny's flirting with Luigi? I know you've said she has a boyfriend, but pls remember, Luigi is a very kind, reserved, thoughtful little Italian- please don't end up having Luigi become Daisy's grandfather! X_X He's not like that... :p (don't worry about that comment if you haven't seen Futurama, it won't make sense unless you have)

You're doing a very nice job bringing the background to life :) Really makes it easier to envision things even with a few added details, like saying how far Peachlands is from Toad Town. And the differences between the time zones is quite clear too, not just from what you say but what you don't say. The absence of future additions makes it really feel like a different world Luigi is in...

Not sure if I'm following this story yet, but here I go! Makes sense when I'm trying to review this end! :D Keep it up!
Aha! So Bowser and Jr are your Michael Newman's! Except I can guess they've more in mind than fast-forwarding through sex :p

Erick Koopason, eh? I'm getting some gang leader/ criminal overlord vibes from him, which is nice. A much more everyday threat than someone that catches the same Princess every week- can't wait to see how you make use of this potential you've got before you!
6/23/2014 c3 1RandomJunk13
Luigi your 4 1 hell of a ride XD
THAT B1TCH! Another chance? I wouldn't have even given her the first if I were Luigi :( That royal sod...

Not judging you, though :) If you want Daisy to be fussy princess of the year, go ahead, it's your story. Either way, (I know this is the sideline, but) I like your interactions between the Mario Bros. Mario's comforting side isn't very often seen, but you make him very in-character here. Thankfully you don't do his speech like some others do, where his accent is overdone. And I still want to know what changes Luigi is going to make: you can sorta guess for someone like Michael Newman in the movie 'Click', but for Luigi...

Till next time! :)
I like the way you switch across the P.O.V.'s, nice and fluid :) Curious as to how Luigi would use a time reset, especially with his normal bad luck...
5/20/2014 c1 1RandomJunk13
Hmm interesting :)

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