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1/12 c17 1B4bidden
love this and would enjoy reading more
12/14/2021 c1 4Hanikka
Oh I hope you would come back to this story. I haven’t read it yet and I wouldn’t want to because it’s unfinished. But the plot is so damn tempting. Any hope?
10/26/2021 c17 Debbie Hicks
8. Chapter 8 Bella's pov then suddenly ASl;ien RATT;LESNAKES Bitten us three to Rachel to him bitten her with her daughter top best friends to three to aliens/Vulcans/young ones good who turned you then witnh two wioth both tore was sexually assasulted but abused but tore heads get them the going somewhere freaks then sudden a a alien awakening used the Voice at them then it was completely successful suddenly Awakened my alien powers at them in a strange alien rumble was in fact Bene Gesserit so they but properly was tore into pieces good guard then too late brought the pieces good then burned them to the two found then good Pierced freely popped freely both brought there good never are alived then tore with kids/toddlers aged fled as well with them blew up bring the Lycans/Vampires here good then skinned alive burst as all of mostly much mmany mor monstrously to as al overexttremely all Volturi guards exploding good dead then too late from homes onto NASA Bodysuits was as all of clothes and it was too late blood was replaced was wolf blood infected aboard blew up good dead with as all three things nuked good brother they are brought the criminals as all of them good dead but something about her is Bene Gesserit so they fled Earth met the fleet nuked but merged with five exploding good perished were more but few/rest/remains followed to both good then too late brought as all of supernatural beings/they covdens/Packs good then skinned Alive never made it out alive with each three then nuked more Volturi guards good they are extinct what kids born aboard then was his Bene Gesserit bound lady so her/they had eight kids so they aboard nevder had kids still phased so herself they/as all of them never died or aged haven't changed at all frozen at teenagehood so herself/as all of them nuked rom here vanished so the kids as all of them all of kids Paul; who is she Rachel listen I Am ordered to bear children as a Bene Gesserit then we will be mates gasp so they oh my god I Have each both children here then it came healed but recovered but never was alive then blown up good they are atomized but vaporized good what fled Earth to Vulcan crashed burst husks vanished good dead then had them skinned alive but met the deported newest kids from families were slaves to the Volturi coven in their eighties to now hired doctors turned them blew up good dead with tribes then blew young/youth vanished blown as all of them good lost to more then orphaned had no parents two were left died out then it came too late loss of humanity and animals the young animals each created newest one took their places then the Volturi grew in more powerful wealth came last what adapted to Vulcan are Humanoids blew up from husks as all mostly much moe to both freed of it bring them as all of them last on Vulcan nuked with as all of them then lost as all of them then in time never was our world theirs then as all of them more than monstrously ruled harshly then as all found Victoria /two/others good then killed them good ripped them there then as all of graves with headstones as all of them more monstrously good as all of more as all of them in time the next generation of as all of them from us had kids and so forth from help last ones to honor them now gone forever we could not die at all blown with as all as all of them stopped mating but never bred now Vulcan was with new people were different like us/them with help of Edward Cullen nuked with as all of with each both nuked vanished good dead what not humans good then lost the need to breed at all could not age at all.
9/3/2019 c17 9XxTinkerBella21xX
How does Paul not feel the imprint pull if the imprint to Rachel broke when he imprinted on Bella? Like seriously Paul needs to pull his head out of his ass...
9/3/2019 c16 XxTinkerBella21xX
It was about 2 months ago not 1...

Boy that Trevor sounds like a real winner...

Alright so I need to know if Paul will ever accept Bella because I don't think Rachel is pregnant with a pack pup... just saying lol
9/3/2019 c15 XxTinkerBella21xX
Yay! Leah imprinted! I hope they find bella soon
9/3/2019 c14 XxTinkerBella21xX
Man I hope Jacob gets a few fists in. Sad they're leaving but Bella might just be a better Alpha! I hope Leah is her beta tho...
9/3/2019 c13 XxTinkerBella21xX
Oh I see, so she doesn't turn anyone into a wolf lol. I honestly was wondering that. Good to know!
9/3/2019 c12 XxTinkerBella21xX
You deserve everything given to you Paul Lahote! So still wondering how does she create a pack? Also I hope Rachel's baby isn't his, a taste of his own medicine will do him some good...
9/3/2019 c11 XxTinkerBella21xX
How does she start her own pack? What a wonderful stab in the heart eh?
9/3/2019 c10 XxTinkerBella21xX
Awww Renee! Got me right in the feels!
9/3/2019 c9 XxTinkerBella21xX
Well damn. Plus she's marked so it's obviously Paul's... wait is Rachel not marked? hmmm
9/3/2019 c8 XxTinkerBella21xX
Alright so now she's a wolf... And might be pregnant... damn she's gonna return to La Push *sigh*
9/3/2019 c7 XxTinkerBella21xX
Wtf. At this point I think Bella should take Edward back lmfao...

Is she crazy!? She doesn't blame Paul who attacked her? Smh!

I'm glad she's leaving not gonna lie!
9/3/2019 c6 XxTinkerBella21xX
Honestly I would leave too. Being lied to would piss me off and I'm not one to forgive easily!
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