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1/31 c13 Guy in the know
To those of you readers who are unaware, the story is still alive on the Sufficent Velocity forum.
6/19/2020 c1 yahska
too much you and your
6/19/2020 c1 yahska
utterly bizzaire narration, please go back to something normal and not sounding like a retard narrating.
9/21/2019 c1 BadReader
Can't stand first and second person writing. Just too badly written to read properly and enjoy anything. It's an extremely, extremely bad method of writing.
1/10/2019 c13 2Domic787
I realy like this story
7/17/2018 c13 HyperspaceGamer
I’ll be honest, I once started this story when I was perusing your page for other great stories to read (having taken a short break from Wand and Shield), and while the summary and the premise had certainly caught my interest, I was turned off from the Second-person perspective. It just wasn’t my thing. I stopped reading it, but I recently went back to your page and took another look for some great stories (having finally finished Wand and Shield—I get distracted quite easily), and I started up this story once more. I’ve been reading it every moment I could, and I am sooo glad that I did. Stark Transcendent has easily entered the upper echelons of my favorites list. Though, I will admit that I do wish that it was longer, as before I knew it, I realized I was on the final chapter, and then that quickly flew by as well, and I was done. I will also admit that, though this story is in the upper echelons of my favorites list, a part of me thinks that this story could be even greater if it wasn’t in second-person; yet, at the same time, a different part of me thinks that part of what made this story so great was in fact because it was written in second-person, and that it just fit the story better than either first or third person could have. Literally my only complaint, and it’s an extremely minor one at that, is that there are some parts of the story where line-breaks seem to be missing, as there is no transition between setting changes. I don’t believe any of the perspective changes were missing a transition, however. On a side, but related, note, I have often heard of fanfiction for some reason causing line-breaks to disappear when posting, and the author sometimes just has trouble going through and finding all of the places where a line-break needs to be put back in; that might be the case here, it might not, but aside from a very brief break in immersion, it’s not a big deal. Overall, I give your story the highest of marks. I may not get into all of the little details about what makes a story great (plot, flow, detail, etc. etc.) whenever I review, but I do think this story is one of the greats.
3/5/2018 c13 Guest
This is the second time Ive read your story from start to finish,Im just here to plead with you to at least finish all of your current stories.
You have an incredible talent for world building and tbh I like this version of the marvel verse better than the movies or comics.
5/30/2017 c7 3T51b Moridin
He rolled a 20 on his d20 didn't he. Lucky bastard.
5/30/2017 c6 T51b Moridin
Why not build a newer and better main core and let Jarvis transfer himself? Heck just unleash the AI and let him take over the internet! Do so some Age of Voltron shit.
5/30/2017 c5 T51b Moridin
Things are certainly taking some interesting directions. Now the man with what amounts to a nuke in his chest got exposed to radiation gamma rays specifically. The kind that Hulked Dr Banner and that have doen a lot of other stuff to other folks in the Marvel Universe.
5/30/2017 c4 T51b Moridin
Stark was always good at bringing people together. He was in the series a very egotistical and standoffish person, and I mean in the comics and cartoons. The movies he was aight. Here? here he has learned what weapons can really do. With chemical death and all sorts of easy to acquire munitions he has a better understanding now of what he has to deal with. I do hope he keeps in mind the many methods to remove them. Perhaps a pseudo magneto effect to allow some form of Technomancy. In fact that would be awesome. Stark Really fits the Technomancy area.
5/30/2017 c3 T51b Moridin
That was interesting. Rally going to be a big deal now. Seems Obadiah had plans but found that the ideas of Tony were possibly worth something. But now he's in too deep with a group of rather megalomaniac assassins.
5/30/2017 c2 T51b Moridin
Interesting. Things just flew in a totally fun direction. Spider-man, Pym, and Tony all in the same room, and this is of course, before Reed becomes Mr. Fantastic for real. And obviously pre Dr Doom. Lots of things getting ready to go down shortly. The Hulk being a prime example.
5/30/2017 c1 T51b Moridin
Lol. Now this was hilarious at the end. The beginning with Tony was scary and awesome. Scawesome. Awary? Naw super SCARASOME! :)
4/21/2017 c13 3jdboss1
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