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5/25/2020 c12 72coffeehelps
This was such a fun story! I love how you brought Booth and Brennan together, and I really enjoyed how you showed their anger at Sweets. I was never really super sold on the fact that the show made Sweets into some sort of hero, when he always viewed Booth and Brennan's relationship as something to be studied. Again, I loved this! :)
4/13/2020 c12 flowerkin
I loved this story. I know it’s been awhile since you wrote it but I wanted you to know I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.
6/28/2016 c12 11gatewatcher
Just found your story! Very much enjoyed the torture of young Dr. Sweets :) I really enjoyed the alternate to Brennan punching Booth! Nicely done :)
2/3/2015 c12 latetobones
Not the best day, so I needed a fluffy but kick butt story to read while waiting on a kiddo to be done with practice. This one fit the bill! Just as good this time around as it was the first time around. Loved the B&B relationship, and Sweet's thoughts as he was processing what he had done. Great story crafty!
7/13/2014 c12 Eclipse51
Very enjoyable, thanks for the story and all the research.
6/30/2014 c12 41LJLanham
As always, I loved this whole thing, I found the ending a little bittersweet... the idea of Sweets moving away and not practicing anymore made me a little sad, but then again- his immaturity and the fact that he really might not have learned his lesson rang out. Maybe his new life in Philly wasn't such a bad thing after all. Great job!
6/30/2014 c12 brensfan
Loved it...thanks!
6/30/2014 c12 Poppyblue
Great ending, so sorry that it is finished though. I look forward to more from you.
6/30/2014 c12 guest
This was a great story, I have to say I dislike Sweets the most.
6/30/2014 c12 3Jayiin Mistaya
Fantastic way to end it - well done staying true to Sweets, especially the part about missing the point of the lesson.

Again, awesome story.
6/30/2014 c11 Jayiin Mistaya
Good on you, having Sweets 'man up' a bit -but as is normal for his character, he has no sense of proportion! This story has been a fantastic ride, and while I'm glad to see the conclusion, I'm also sad to see it end.

The little snippet between Angela and Brennan made me laugh - but the BEST scene you've written so far was in this chapter, when Sweets came clean to Booth. You wrote that with clarity, concision and depth, while staying true to the characters.

Great work - and thank you for posting it!
6/29/2014 c12 mspteach
You surprised me! I loved the torture of Sweets. I was sure Booth would bring 'the kid ' back, being the White Knight that he is but I'm good with an FBI that doesn't include him.
6/29/2014 c12 Caroline's Bones - Dolphins
these last two chapters finished this fic of in a spectacular way & with a few surprises, i really didn't see coming, but completely love all the same.
you really socked one at me, with sweets going into 'cullens office', already prepared to resign, even further shocking to me was cullen accepting it, i was awaiting 'booming voice of sam', throwing his authoritative voice across the room, so much, that several floors above & below him, (mainly some of the agents whom usually work with booth & the jeff team, also sweets, would've heard the ranting rage filled voice, of someone so livid', its kind of how i picture sam reacting to something done so horribly to 'his best admired & favourite agent & his agents squint')
thou, yes we all know, their not meant to have favourites, but sam's always had a soft spot for both b&b, thou he'd deny it, if questioned, heeheehee! gee i miss sam cullen around the hoover.

when really thinking it over, your scenario, of having sweets 'resign', rather than stay & await his 'fate' at cullens hands, for disciplinary action, upon betraying & breaching codes of conduct, this change sweets made, had far wider repercussions for not only himself, but also the team at the lab & staff at the hoover, as cullen would've had to find a replacement his position, 'giving staff a psychologist & psych profiler for agents to have assistance in their cases, plus the availability to also have a psychologist on site, for any psychological needs any fbi staff may need the assistance of' (v's) sweets staying at his position, being reprimanded/disciplined, but staying in his position, he would then have had to build back up, a position of trust amongst just about everybody, frm cullen, to the agents at the hoover, whom come to him for psychological guidance & counseling & psych profiles of criminals, for cases they work, plus more in line for us as viewers & readers, the dynamics at the lab would've changed, as no-one would have trusted him, putting cases & case work on a seesaw effect, the staff would be second guessing his decisions & info he'd provide in cases, plus also the lab staff, would be extremely wary of offering anything personal up to him, in case he was to further experiment, also b&b's dynamics would possibly have been permanently altered, upon working cases for the fbi/jeff 'collaboration', as bren's fears & insecurities would always be just at the surface, booth would be possibly tip toeing around her, trying to balance very off balance scales, in reference to her varying moods & also her fear of being subjected to being observed & judged by sweets, she'd most likely sink back into more academic or lab based work, possibly even forcing booth to take on a permanent fbi agent partner or another 'intern from brens group'... just thinking back on what i've just been thinking about, maybe these are some of the reasons hart, s.n & co, didn't pursue that line of 'what ifs', in their story lines/eps after sweets experiment of bren, when gormogon had zack in his sights, their ep & ones after that changed the dynamics of b&bs working relationship & friendship & also having bren searching for & ultimately taking on her rotating bunch of interns... wow, that would possibly have been too much for the eps to really handle in the show & take too much away frm a 'one hr ep' each wk, when its about the whole group of squints, with their individual work, their individual talents & backgrounds, plus booth, with his team of investigators & grunt work, i'm doubting it would've ever been possible to have gone a different way, than the way they ultimately did...thus leaving alternate scenarios up to brave & brilliant f/fic authors, like yourself, to give us readers & lovers of all things bones, what hart, s.n & co, really & truly couldn't...(a different view & path to travel upon!)

brava, for this amazing story & what we 'at least some of us', would have (loved) to have seen, if it had at all, been possible on the show...
finally -truly loved- how you got b&b 'really & truly together romantically, whilst happily talking of an amazing shared future'.
i was sad to see parker go & leave booth with a gaping big hole in his soul & heart, but parkers not lost to him forever & it leaves amazing possibilities for me, in my thoughts of b&b travelling to England to see parker, whilst having an amazing time, exploring a new place, 'together', as part of booths 30, 40, or 50 yrs of happiness together...
a brilliantly loved fic...well done...brava...
next i'll be happily awaiting for your updates when available, of captive & results in the change.
kind regards caroline
6/29/2014 c12 291FaithinBones
Talk about a thick head. Sweets is truly a wonder.

Great story! Thank you
6/29/2014 c11 FaithinBones
That was a very satisfactory ending. Thank you
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