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6/27/2014 c10 Guest
cant wait for more
6/27/2014 c10 292FaithinBones
Love that Sweets is in panic mode. He deserves it
6/27/2014 c10 emoinva
This story is so entertaining. I love it that you have even made Booth a gambler again!
6/27/2014 c10 oscarbaby
Oh this is really, really getting good...can't wait for more! Hurry please - adding this wait to the summer hiatus is just too much to ask of a Bones addict...
6/26/2014 c9 AFairy88
Thank you for that lovely update, I always thought the show left Sweets off the hook WAY too easy... This is soooo fun to read! Please update soon!
6/26/2014 c9 Guest
I hate how he thinks he should know what's going in in their relationship even after the baby was born. There is suppose to be 2 ppl in a relationship not 3, and he still doesn't understand that so I can't wait for the outcome of ur story. Looking forward to more updates!
6/26/2014 c9 Guest
I love this story! I'm so glad somebody is finally writing a story about what should have happened on the show. I think Sweets got away with what he did to them far to easy. I hate how he thinks he should know what's going
6/25/2014 c9 Poppyblue
Always so happy to see another chapter of this. Looking forward to more.
6/25/2014 c9 mspteach
He needs to crawl! He got off way too easy and I'm loving your rewrite of this piece of the Bones universe. Looking forward to a Sweets Roast!
6/25/2014 c9 Caroline's Bones - Dolphins
now see i'm mad all ova again, (wringing hands together) why oh why couldn't hart, s.n & co have done what you did, why didn't they have you as one of their writers, as b&b's friendship & working relationship after that horrid as all hell, despicable & surely going against fbi regulations & policies in ref to conduct of employees / consultants / contractors & direct employees, would've brought down harsh disciplinary actions, against someone in sweet's position, (i know its a show, not a doco or real life re-telling of cases worked with just name changes, to benefit the real people involved) but even so, 'hart, s.n & co' missed a wide range of ways in which to take that ep, also the ep's following, coz we all saw the dramatic changes in the dynamics b/w b&b.
(it would be worse if this had actually happened to a real life situation - consultant/fbi agent).

loved your authors note, saying 'we wont have to wait very long', for the torturing & revenge upon sweets & his despicable actions ! yiiiiiiiippppeeeeeeeeee!
(i'm a scorpio & i totally "love" revenge against 'the wronged') 'i have a sarcastic, sense of humor'

loved bren's acting at the lab, in her quick conversation with sweets, also having the rest of the team backing her up, whilst not going all karate chop upon him 'as yet, anyway', in speaking to sweets as he made his way in & then out of the lab, after his botched 'by bren' conversation 'about her abandonment feelings, concerning booth'. (& too think people all over, say bren can't act?!)
yippppppee, bren you've proved them all wrong, coz you're the kindest, sweetest & most loving person around... (being honest, not participating in "white lies", doesn't make you a horrible person, or someone without feelings, nor does not outwardly showing tears, rage, stunned shock or anger, doesn't mean, your not inwardly feeling like you are breaking into teeny tiny pieces!)

loved how you ended this ch with b&b happy together at brens 'their' place, that is until the ... disrupted their alone time.
also thinking that when 'revenge plot-torturing sweets' has ended, when the gang all await his response, i'm not going to be too surprised, if he tries to downplay his part in the whole scheme or try to tell either bren directly or even the rest of the group, that he 'supposedly', had all good reasons & intentions in doing what he did, he'll lie his ASS off, is what i'm expecting, he's just sooo pathetic...
i'm also very happy, that booth's sticking closely by bren 'physically', also giving her emotional support, not being condescending or placating her reactions, as this will only build i believe a stronger foundation & bond for them to move forward 'together'...
yet again another brilliant update...
i know i've been whiny & ranted, to which i apologise, just sad, you weren't looked upon as being a great resource to the writers team...aaaaahhh well, its why we've got f/fics & writers like yourself, to do what we can only dream, that the writers & directors could've & should've done! kind regards caroline...
6/25/2014 c9 FaithinBones
Ooh, call me vengeful but I'm definitely loving this. Can't wait for Sweets to sweat.
6/25/2014 c9 Guest
Yes can't wait for the next chapter
6/25/2014 c9 3Jayiin Mistaya
Two chapters in a week - bonus! I'm still loving this story, and love seeing Sweets getting the run around as he tries to fix what he thinks he broke.

Seeing 'Lance-a-lot' acting like a teenager trying to prove he didn't wreck Mom and Dad's new car is both hilarious and awesome.

Can't wait for the next one.
6/25/2014 c9 oscarbaby
please hurry with more - you aren't just killing Sweets with the anticipation you know...readers are dying to know what's next!
6/25/2014 c8 bonesied
Awesome story:) I look forward to the next chapter
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