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4/21/2019 c7 DragonGrrl345
One of the best-written Gone fics I've read so far. Please update again soon, I hate waiting and I want to see where this story goes.
9/24/2018 c7 Guest
One of the only good GONE fan fics
9/1/2017 c7 Guest
Almost as good as the original, keep up the good work!:)
3/18/2017 c7 books 359
I love this, write more. Please!
12/16/2016 c7 Emma
Love this! Pls give Drake his whip hand, he's my fave character!
I know you said the memory switch would only occur between Sam and Caine, but perhaps give maybe Astrid or Diana or Albert their memories back?
Keep it up!
9/26/2016 c7 E
This Is amazing! Hope you continue :)
7/13/2016 c7 Guest
n3xt chapt3r N0W
7/10/2016 c7 Guest
Love it!
6/13/2016 c6 3oncetwicenever
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET DIANA AND ORC BE ALIVE! PLEASE! Oh, ans Quinn too. Somebody's gotta go fishin'
6/7/2016 c7 David
6/7/2016 c6 David
Yes me once again and I had to answer your questions
1 Yes
2 No
3 Dunno
4 It would be quite interesting just saying
6/7/2016 c3 David
Me again. I really like your idea of the memory switches and I am definitely staying with this story all the way through
6/7/2016 c1 David
Sounds Great really liking the concept of the story and I am excited to see how it plays out :)
2/5/2016 c7 Rory cromwell
Can't wait for chapter 8 if Lana doesnt meet the gaiaphage she'll have a different personality
1/17/2016 c6 6taarke
I still think it's weird that that girl is called Lana because I have a sister with the name Lana and she loves dogs too but she wouldn't name a dog Patrick.
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