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for In Plain Sight: A Peek into Face

4/30/2017 c1 maclooping
Cute one shot ! you are totally catch the feeling of face when he speak with the old woman! for a really short moment we can see the real Templeton, not "Face" just and only the little lost Templeton! Your "Amy" are nice great too ! really good job !
5/2/2016 c1 96peppe1951
That was such a tender scene between Face and Mrs. Hicks. One of my favorites in the series.
11/30/2014 c1 Long Live BRUCAS
sweet one shot.
6/17/2014 c1 18Bluebird1969
What a great story! You made Face touchingly vulnerable and Amy tolerable (I'm not an Amy fan). Keep up the good work!
5/23/2014 c1 24MissEclipse
You did a good job writing Amy into this story as she wasn't actually in the original episode. In fact, "Plane Sight" is one of my favourite A-Team episodes. I can exclusively reveal this is where I got the idea for my pen-name from. "Eclipse" was the trigger word they used to hypnotise BA and get him on the plane!

I loved Face's reaction to Mrs Hicks and you caught the essence of him being "little boy lost" perfectly. Very touching story.
5/22/2014 c1 pinar-x
Oh, I loved it. So sweet :)

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