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for I'd Like to Thank the Academy

3/16/2021 c1 Kelly Does Writing
OMG, this was funny as f**k. As annoying Staci is, her speech was pretty funny. At first I thought Fang was going to attack her but I didn't expect Izzy. Can't wait to read more!
1/30/2021 c17 Kelly Does Writing
Nice job. Could you do Geoff next? He's my second favorite Total Drama character, right next to Gwen.
11/25/2014 c1 18I Am TIAW
I'm waiting for the day when I can thank the academy. Good job!
11/23/2014 c17 21MyNameDontMatter
Yeeeeeeeees. That is the perfect way to end a speech. Lol, this is my second favorite chapter yet (sorry, but I don't think anything will ever top Ezekiels epic rap battle with Chris.)
11/23/2014 c17 Rockin Bros
Awesome Heather is awesome. I loved her speech, and her final words. Awesome. Damien seems like a funny character. And what Heather said to him, priceless XD. I guess the poll is back up for this? If it is, I'll be voting on it. Great chapter dude! Can't wait for more!
10/31/2014 c16 26Douglas X. Pierce
i liked it!
fun fact: Christian Potenza originally signed up to voice as Zeke, but the producers of TDI thought that him voicing Chris would be better
10/26/2014 c1 Guest
Wow this is such a copy of wonder what aleandro think of thems unoriginal this sucks
9/6/2014 c16 4ewisko
This was amazing. Chris got what he deserved and Da Zeke rapping was awesome :L

9/1/2014 c16 MyNameDontMatter

Ok, now that that's over, yeah. I loved that. That bit about chef though... That was PERFECT! HA HA! This was awesome, you are awesome. I cant even describe how awesome I think this was. I would vote for Zeke to win an academy award if he was gonna do this. Hell. Yeah.
9/1/2014 c16 16Knifez
Not a half bad rap battle for two of the whitest people ever! XD

To be honest, I thuought Chris had the better lines, until that last one from Zeke, of course.

Glad you're back updating this!
8/31/2014 c16 alcamoth
8/31/2014 c16 30Linkonpark100
Ezekiel didn't have to.
8/31/2014 c16 PKRS
8/31/2014 c4 MyNameDontMatter
Im going to assume the authors note is sarcasm.
8/31/2014 c16 3Bellyacher
If gangster Zeke was like this then maybe he would not have been the first one voted off.
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