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7/28/2014 c15 46GreenPokeGuy
Aww, Lindsay's so cute! Her innocence is hilarious, and her unintentional bashing of the movie she was in, along with the last part was hilarious.

I really enjoyed all these. I'll definitely check out the next one. :)

7/28/2014 c14 GreenPokeGuy
Good! Anne Maria deserved that for having the nerve to apply her make up on stage. Kinda rude.

Didn't expect it to be Mal's doing, though. I thought it was Izzy for sure. Nice one. He really loves breaking that fourth wall, huh? :P

7/28/2014 c13 GreenPokeGuy
Lol, Cody sure stumbled his way through that one, huh? Poor guy. He tried so hard and yet he still messed it up.

7/28/2014 c12 GreenPokeGuy
Ugh, Justin's characterisation was so good that I hate him more. Lol

So he manipulated his way to the win? Figures. Jerk he is.

7/28/2014 c11 GreenPokeGuy
Aww, this was cute! I'm sure that anyone would cry after receiving such a prestigious award, no matter how tough you are.

Jo's overjoyed yelling was funny and she'd probably stab anyone that makes fun of her for it, lol. :P

7/28/2014 c10 GreenPokeGuy
Aww, poor Courtney! I guess she did ramble for a while, though. She put in a lot of hard work, though. :(

Liked this, nicely done! Everyone's been in character so far.

7/28/2014 c9 GreenPokeGuy

B talked! Lol

Don't care much for this chapter, but you did have to do B sometime.

7/28/2014 c8 GreenPokeGuy
So Mike was boring, then Mal was fun. I like this version of Mal, aside from the killing. The Pencil God, though? Meh.

Good job!

7/28/2014 c7 GreenPokeGuy
Oh my gosh, I think I just found a favourite chapter.

Izzy is hilarious! Her speech was hilarious, and her ramblings were, too. And that poor host. :P

7/28/2014 c6 GreenPokeGuy
Lol, what a troll he is. Loved it.

Just a note, I think it's 'censor', not 'sensor' in this situation. Other than that, very nice. I do enjoy your writing style.

7/27/2014 c5 GreenPokeGuy
Ugh, Lightning is infuriating as always. You know that means he's in character. :P

He's far too arrogant, and winning the award would have only made it worse. He's also very inconsiderate, he actually just shoved the host aside!

I love how he broke it. Karma strikes! :P

7/27/2014 c4 GreenPokeGuy
LOL, you really did work hard on it. Bravo. :P

I love how you just gave her the same speech, even down to the names mentioned. :P

Guess they do share a brain. Lol

7/27/2014 c3 GreenPokeGuy
Lol, they did kinda sound like lesbians! They were just excited. :P

Everything Katie said came back to Sadie, lol. They really are BFFFL's. :P

I liked it, it was sweet. :)

7/27/2014 c2 GreenPokeGuy
Yikes, poor Tyler. He just can't stop injuring himself, can he?

Not as funny as the first, but that's okay. Tyler's in character, which is awesome. Couldn't spot any errors, and nothing seemed strange. :)

7/27/2014 c1 GreenPokeGuy
Oh my gosh, this was hilarious! I loved hiw Staci kept going on and on. :P

The line about her parents was really nice, though. :)

Loved Izzy chasing Staci off the stage in a shark suit. Nice end.

Couldn't spot any mistakes, and Staci was definitely in character, so well done. :)

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