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9/29 c46 Larro44-LL
Just binge read… can’t wait till you get to the marineford arc. Wonder how you’re going to play that out
9/9 c46 Percy Jackson7
This story has really grown on me more and more.
9/4 c46 Guest
Oi mate thoughts on latest chapters?
9/4 c46 yudhazebba
9/2 c46 2gwencarson126
Looking forward to see what happens next!
8/26 c46 Steelrain66
Well shit this story is way better then its premise has any right to be. I admit I walked into this with kinda low expectations so it's nice to see you blow right past them to the upper echelons of this kind of fanfiction. Well freaking done bro.

So you set up Ussops love interest joining the crew potentially (Chopper could always use an assistant) after the time skip. After all can't just tease us like that and not deliver, let the girl see the world with the boy she loves n all that. Fairly certain you might have one more girl in mind for Luffys little love fest as well. Harem's are typically my thing but you work it well (as in there all dating each other not just all all dating Luffy) Also its hilarious that while I am positive Ace got around (he strikes me as that type of guy) he has no bitches while both Luffy and Sobo are in stable relationships.

Just saying Zoro deserves some attention too, no idea who but well that would be your job eh? Personally the big thing coming up I can't wait to see is Luffy meeting Kuzan again. I can only see two (maybe three if you let Rob Lucci in on the whole haki thing, the iron body technique always struck me as a stepping stone too it you know?) fights that Luffy is be pushed in and an Admiral with haki could do that no question. Also Kuma but that's cus haki and boosted stats or not something still needs to scatter most of the crew around the world. Just cus Luffy is ready for the new world doesn't mean they are.
8/25 c46 Uchicha ASHU
Nice chapter!
Loved the interactions between Cricket and the crew. Sanji acting as a bodyguard for the girls even though they only have eyes for Luffy, is both amusing and sad. Robin starting to realise that Luffy actually cares for her and trusts her early will solve a lot of problems in later arcs.
Looking forward to read if Blackbeard will become a Warlord or get killed if Ace went after him as he is nowhere near Ace in this story.
Thanks for the chapter!
8/23 c46 4DarkFusion
And with this I am caught up and I will say good job so far with the pre-Skypiea stuff with Luffy and co. being more infamous than canon shortening the stuff with Bellamy and his crew to only what needs to happen for character development for the former. I am also liking the role Vivi has as the face for the crew and being able to negotiate on their behalf. Am curious to see what else gets changed further on especially with Enel. Looking forward to the next chapter whenever it's ready.
8/22 c42 DarkFusion
Nice to see Robin settling in despite some misgiving from Vivi. I admit I was hoping to see an adaptation of the Rainbow Mist arc, but given the crew's strength they'd probably speedrun through it and cause a time paradox. Should be interesting to see the crew react to fighting the Priests and Enel given they have a very basic version of Observation Haki with the Mantra. I get the feeling Conis is going to be joining the harem and hopefully we'll get a native of Spypiea amongst the crew, but guess I'll have to read more and find out.
8/22 c41 DarkFusion
In which Vivi shows some of the fruits (no pun intended) of her training with Luffy right before Robin reveals herself. Excellent work and I'll be reading more soon.
8/22 c40 DarkFusion
Fics where Vivi remains with the crew are always an interesting what-if scenario especially given the more we learn about the One Piece setting and how her ancestors definitely made the right choice. Also just realized eventually Luffy is probably going to have a harem of princesses; one extra if you count Hancock's title. Very curious to see how Vivi's eventual wanted status will be handled later. Very curious to see what's next.
8/21 c38 DarkFusion
Well, this has been a good take on the Alabasta arc from the fights to differences in outcome from Vivi joining the harem and gaining a Devil Fruit. Looking forward to what that will entail as we start moving on to the next arc.
8/21 c33 DarkFusion
Well, as expected Crocodile didn't have what it took to survive his initial fight with this version of Luffy. Very curious to see how that affects things going forward both for the current arc and later.
8/21 c27 DarkFusion
Nice little transition chapter with Mikita joining the harem. Now let's see how the Alabasta arc begins...
8/20 c46 12Toramonger
I like how you expanded on Noland it would make sense for cricket to have his original log book...I can't wait to see what happens next...I have to keep telling myself not to get to far ahead as I keep trying to picture different sagas oo lol
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