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12/3 c58 carlos29
Very good the story.
12/2 c18 jhsilver123
yea like others said the kuro kari thing kills the vibe for the story its not a deal breaker but the story would be way better without it. To make matters worse it seems this devil is going to be more involved in the story than I thought. It never goes well for a story when a higher being like that gets involved.
11/30 c58 Xero-X Glitch
I've been thinking why not make Luffy also eat the gum-gum fruit, or make his god-god fruit be a thunder version of the human-human fruit, model: Nika?
11/30 c58 BioHazard82
Great story so far!
11/30 c58 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
11/30 c58 LincolnRonnie94
Against the enel with arc luffy might not win easily but he’ll definitely learn from it and become even stronger to the point the cp9 aren’t a threat
11/29 c58 Guest
I know one thing Robin can do for luffy when he finds what she's been looking for that's to let her feelings emotions and instinct kick in and hug luffy and even actually kiss him on the lips he returns her kiss which they both won't expect even though Robin may not fully understand what she feels towards luffy yet but she does know she feels something for luffy that wants her to be more than just friends with him and definitely feel more happy and also use this new experience and discovery to try and learn more about it and see where it takes her to
11/28 c58 AnimeFan13579
Luffy sees Enel manipulating and reshaping gold with his powers decides to play around with it. Next thing know the ship is full of gold statues of weird things including of food. I can only imagine Nami would put this power through a workout. So many fantasies she could play out sleeping in a bed made of gold, or even bathing in a tub made out of gold. Probably even have him make a statue of her with it. Of course if he did he would suffer severe critique from Sanji who would demand it to be as accurate as possible as he wouldn't be able to stand it mocking the girls looks.
11/28 c56 E.Elliot
I love it! thanks for the amazing chapter!
11/28 c58 redmen6blight
Were getting closer to Franky and Skeligton though more excited for Franky.
11/28 c58 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent work and the sparks are now flying
11/28 c58 Red1ace86
Great chapter cant wait to read the next one, i loved the original fight between luffy and enel, this one is going great
11/28 c58 Rebell 01
Good old simple Luffy.
11/28 c58 Tribernator
Id imagine its a lot like fire versus magma, or the kilo kilo versus ton ton fruit. One is on a higher level and can overwhelm the other. But it looks like that may be only useful as a final mind breaking flex from luffy as he is clearly a FAR superior fighter to enel.
11/28 c58 11Power of Magic

I wouldn't be surprised if Luffy would take Enel's golden staff and use it for himself (if Nami lets him have it, of course). Here's hoping that Gan Fall finds all his men and gets them all to safety (and maybe damage the Ark Maxim too, if they can). I can imagine how Robin would thank Luffy, if he found the golden bell and Poneglyph for her
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