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9/16 c29 Guest
Please continue this story. It’s a marvelous read.
9/11 c29 Arebelwildone
Please say you'll be finishing this or updating soon! this is my all time favorite Dramione fic!
8/31 c29 StoryLover209
Love this story!
7/31 c29 24C.S. Isui
THIS FIC IS SIMPLY AMAZING. The character dev is gradual but smooth, the action scenes and revelations were well made... I hope you'll get the chance to update soon but so far, well done!
7/17 c29 Sweetie16
ooh this is too good of a story! please continue
6/27 c23 5FelineNinjaGrace
Ahhh, I understand. Draco told her that their chance is over because the Dark Lord already branded him as a death eater. Now he wants her to stay away so she’ll be protected.
6/27 c19 FelineNinjaGrace
So I had a few tantrums from the last chapter that I have to bring up here. After Hermione blasted apart his room Snape said, "And you were arrogant enough to think that you could repel me without it?"

I wanted to say: Uhhh, no? No arrogance there. She DID repel you without it. And if that’s child’s play, then clearly children are more powerful than adults and people should work on wandless magic more often! Harry never destroyed his office like that even though his emotions are all over the place. So why isn’t Snape freaking impressed with Hermione’s magical reserves?

And when he told her to stop being so emotional and said “You cannot expect to protect anyone when you cannot master yourself."

Well, I mean she just effectively pushed you out of her head AND razed your office to the ground. Not to mention she caused you to fly back and bleed. If that’s not protecting Draco, I don’t know what is That’s powerful stuff right there. Is it just me or does the wand actually tamper down on the student’s raw potential?
6/25 c13 FelineNinjaGrace
Awww, Draco wanted her to wear his colors during their game _ And now it’s going to smell like Hermione when he gets it back! Haha! Now he’s going to wear it forever!

Uh-oh. Once he gets it back, Harry and Ron will see it and realize it’s his! Oh well. I’m sure those scarves can be sold lots of different places Hermione could just make a duplicate and say “See? We both have one.”
6/24 c11 FelineNinjaGrace
Haha! I think his mind was already changed back in the 4th year without Hermione even knowing. When he said those things to her in the hallway it sounded like he was simply spouting off the usual things he always said because 1. It’s habit and the words come naturally, 2. He’s always enjoyed riling Hermione up, and 3. He didn’t know who might be listening, which is very smart of him.

He’s a male teenager. With her pretty face it was probably easier than she thought to change his mind since men are usually persuaded when there’s a pretty woman. Dumbledore was smart in that regard ;)
I think he has a huge crush on Hermione based on how he kept wanting to touch her and bump into her in 4th year potions, and also now in 5th year when he initiated contact by touching her shoulder. When you willingly touch someone it means you’re attracted to them. Hermione also subconsciously likes him too otherwise she wouldn’t have grabbed his arm and dragged him to the kitchens for dinner at the end of 4th year.
Draco is a Slytherin though and has self-preservation so you have to pay attention to his body language and actions more than his actual words.

But, I am confused about just one thing. He asked her for 2 favors and she completed the first favor, but does HE feel like she completed the first favor? Because to me it sounded like he didn’t believe that she completed the first favor. That part of the story was confusing to me because I didn’t understand why he’d be angry unless he liked her and wanted her to see him as a friend, but it surprised me because I thought “isn’t this too soon?” Maybe you can explain why he acted angry?
6/23 c3 FelineNinjaGrace
I loved the interaction between Victor and Hermione! Malfoy admires him a lot, so it will DEFINITELY help when he sees them attend the ball together!
6/22 c29 MissElizabetha
I must say I really loved the writing in this story as well as how realistic it seemed to the characters. I know it's been like half a decade but I would love an ending if you could. Thank you.
6/21 c29 Guest
Dear Elesrea,

You most probably won't read this comment, but i wanted you to know that this is one of the best dramione fanfictions one can read. You managed to write Draco and Hermiones' Relationship realistically and in character. That's something that surprisinly only manage a few writers. Your story is still hyped by a lot of reader and we'd be very happy if you decide to continue this story. It's been a few years but i still hope you'll continue. This is one of the story that kind of matched with my dramione fantasies, so i'd like to actually read it from out of your mind.
With love,
6/9 c13 Lixie
I am binging this
4/20 c29 daisysjames
4/8 c29 Guest
...its a shame really, this was the best dramione fic i had read so far it justified every character hermione,draco, blaise. luna. theo, dumbledore n others as well...i can only hope that u continue this...but after almost 8 yrs i doubt u will...if any reader has written their continuation of this fic plz do share
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