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4/5 c29 2Ana Dolohov
kind of stupid for me to still wait for another update
but I cant help it
this story is a masterpiece, sadly uncompleted
I wish one day u manage to finish it
hope u, ur friends, ur family etc r doing alright
1/24 c29 iamladymalfoy
You have probably abandoned this fic by now but i just want you to hear again that this fic is so beautiful and well written. I'm so heartbroken right now with how it ended and I am not expecting or anything but i still hope you'll have the motivation again to continue this amazing fic before i die *laughs*
1/3 c29 Erob17
I don’t usually comment, but this needs finished. Such a good story.
10/16/2023 c29 C
I absolutely LOVED this story! All the characters are fantastic and the plot is great. Please tell me you’ll come back to it one day?
7/4/2023 c29 Guest
I realize that you likely won’t see this message due to the crazy little thing called life, but I wanted to let you know that this story is well written and has immense potential for a dramatic ending. I hope you do get around to finishing the story. I would guess that this story would prematurely end at chapter 29, but I desperately want to see what you do with Hermione and Draco, as Draco hardly makes an appearance in this (hopefully not) final chapter.

Love the storyline anyways (and I might just have to let my imagination finish this),
A Reader
5/27/2023 c19 Elfwynne
This is going in a direction that I didn't expect... and I'm loving it!
5/26/2023 c11 Elfwynne
I gotta say tho. Dunno how it is for others but the hard part abt studying is not the understanding part. It's the memorization part (except math-related subjects I guess) HAHAHHA so he ain't that far off.
5/25/2023 c5 Elfwynne
It's so funny to me that they were talking abt Rita's lies and her wondering how Rita could have heard her conversation with Krum. Then the scene moves on to her going back to her potion crushing beatles of all things HAHHAA. It gave me a vindictive satisfaction seeing that
5/24/2023 c4 Elfwynne
I doubt Draco only goes to the library alone on his free period. It's very likely that he would be alone on some parts of his weekends. So I hope to see secret interactions outside of his story period too
4/14/2023 c29 Guest
When will u update next plz tell and u should post this story on Wattpad as well
2/14/2023 c29 Guest
Will this fic ever be continued?
2/1/2023 c29 Guest
Will this fic ever be updated again?
1/7/2023 c29 Guest
Will you ever update this story, I really enjoyed it and it saddens me to think I’ll never know how it ends.
11/11/2022 c14 Muggleonly
How I wish to see this from Draco's point of view
11/3/2022 c29 live.small.joys
I’ve been enjoying this so much— I hope you’re doing well. Please update:)
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