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for Avalanche Royalties

8/15/2014 c2 6Breaking Dawn21
Lovely chapter
6/17/2014 c4 9ElsaTheSnowQueen2
okay thanks!
6/16/2014 c4 unicorns
thanks! in the meantime while waiting the six months to pass, i hope i'll be able to write some of days of future past or at least outline the plot or something. i might try to write this story too, maybe? but i think i'll do better with days of future past.
6/7/2014 c3 GLB
please continue i like your stories
5/29/2014 c3 ElsaTheSnowQueen2
love it! please keep going!
5/29/2014 c3 unicorns
armando you did that yourself...
and i'm so happy you used idun's name! the king is called adgar? i think? i forgot.
great chapter! and BTW "blowing raspberries" or "blowing a raspberry".
hope you get over writer's block soon!
5/29/2014 c2 unicorns
you're welcome about the info :) *reads chapter*
(heavy breathing)
must find out about mysterious man... quote ariel: I WANT MOOOOOOOOORE
5/26/2014 c2 ElsaTheSnowQueen2
interesting please keep going!
5/23/2014 c1 unicorns
Oh my goodness o.O need more...
Also, just one thought - since Frozen takes place in the 1840s (I read somewhere) and Eira has been a guardian for about 400 years, that means this story is placed about in the 1400s. Just so if you describe any clothing... My thought.
5/23/2014 c1 ElsaTheSnowQueen2
i love it so far can't wait to read even more!

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