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4/8/2018 c3 alicia7788
5/14/2017 c3 1Shadow Wolf 15846
It's fair enough. Your little boy needs you more. I hope that everything goes well for you , and congratulations!
3/30/2017 c3 Alya M.Black
Good lucky . o love your fanfic's
11/13/2016 c3 FrostedShadow
Congratulations on your son hopefully life gets better but with kids they always improve a day.
9/9/2016 c3 simple405
I am sorry about your relationship but I congratulate you on your son. Good luck and care.
9/9/2016 c3 1Riddle-Snape
nice name... but hell sometimes I wonder how people can end in shit like that... well, good luck, it won't get easier from now on
9/9/2016 c3 9FallenBleedingAngel
I am very happy for you! Although I am bummed about the stories that's nothing compared to how you're doing! Congratulations, on your son, I wish you all the happiness! At the very least we will still have your works to read over and over again all we want!

I sincerely want to thank you for all the work you've put into writing fan fiction even when life was less than desirable to you! I never realized how many stories of yours I liked until now (with all the email notifications). I'll be sad to see you go, because you were a fantastic writer! If you ever come back, I'll be on your bandwagon! Now I'll wish you a happy life, and much thanks for all the stories you've given me!
9/9/2016 c3 UniCryin
Ooh, congrats to the baby! :))
10/31/2015 c2 Guest
10/31/2015 c1 Guest
Love this story! Please keep it going! Maybe have harry/loki or harry/takeru or something! Please keep this up it's SOOO good!
10/4/2015 c2 Draco
This is a very interesting story, so riveting, I do hope that you continue it.
7/2/2015 c1 1Riddle-Snape
oooooooh, cool, but... is he now girl or just dressed as girl? somehow I didn't get it...
2/28/2015 c2 2AgnetCoCo
Please update soon
2/26/2015 c1 onecloud
I think your article is full of imagination.
1/26/2015 c2 Utasaki N
Aww! DX I want to read more it was so good I hope you can update soon I actually like the game/anime/manga and I have no idea what club Harry should go its so hard to choose *Thinks really hard* but I like to see how it will go XDDDD please update soon! XDDDDDDDD
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