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for Fate is never set in stone

12/12/2019 c2 8youngmark
So...Naruto is just the cause of everything ever?
12/11/2019 c1 youngmark
Naruto, conviently in part of every 4th war Servants' past... Ok then.
5/8/2017 c1 GilxEnkidu
Poor loses his best friend
5/13/2016 c2 OmniWasTaken
First Night of Fate and Naruto Stays...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA Fate Stay Night puns.
2/16/2016 c2 void242
So, are you going to update this story?
Btw, the idea of the story is interesting to say.
8/19/2015 c2 Guest
great chapter please update soon
3/28/2015 c2 Guest
can't wait to see what happens next
9/30/2014 c2 lemony.club
Fran is not from Franken Fran is she...? Not that anything wrong, but a cute girl is made of slabbing mismatch parts together? Frankenstein probably tried to make a girlfriend rather than a monster :P... HAHAHA!
9/16/2014 c2 Alucard
You make awesome chapters but 3 months is too long for something this short when it takes this time.
Good day, good luck.
9/15/2014 c2 A Chaotic Undertaking
Yup, great story idea, making Naruto meet almost all the heroic spirits. This may be able to explain a lot of glaring holes at their stories. Its almost all the stories are Merlin bashing, take Heaven's Feeling for example - great story by the way by Xenter, a great author too! -.
9/12/2014 c2 11Skelo
Beta this chapter. Other then that; very interesting
9/12/2014 c2 Fire of the Void
princess lover has my vote as long naruto's at least strong in it and not a idiot. Idiot naruto's are only good for pure humor stories.
9/12/2014 c2 46Hikari Nova
well some grammar errors as you've used the wrong word tenses afew times
9/8/2014 c1 2tensa zangetsu1
When are you going to update and when are you going to publish blood of the king?
8/16/2014 c2 ShikiRiian
This is an amazing beginning! I can't wait see all the hilarious reactions to Naruto's presence in the war! XD
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