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2/16/2019 c1 49vapourtrailreads
5/24/2017 c1 Camille
A very funny OS, both of those ships were awesome !
9/4/2014 c1 Kat
This was so adorable! I'm a huge fan of Neville/Hannah, but awkward Draco is one of the funniest things ever.
7/26/2014 c1 Eto117
Reading about Astoria with that slight French accent was so cute. I didn't really think such a detail would stick with me. This is a bit of how I hope they carried on their lives. I read so many fanfics where attitudes haven't changed at that this is refreshing.
7/7/2014 c1 12LuckyPenny123
This was great. The characters were really realistic and so funny. I loved it!
6/24/2014 c1 2vainintrain
I read this two weeks ago and it took me ages to review (which is something I should be ashamed of given the fact that I loved it). It's weird but I had never realised that there were some artists wizards. I paint too, so I was overexcited when I read that Astoria was an artist. Her portrayal really differs from what people usually write and I loved it. And your writing! It's amazing how well you write. And to finish I'd like to say that your portrayal of adult Neville was the most realistic I ever read :)
5/31/2014 c1 6SoTimeless
That was hilarious, I like the idea of Draco being scared of him wife. And this little arrangement may have happened as well but whatever it it, I loved it. :)

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