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8/7/2020 c31 CAMFER
wooouu... después de mucha espera, al fin, lo lograste. no sabes lo emocionada que estoy después de leer este maravilloso final, aunque esta en ingles y tuve algunas dificultades para leerlo. Amo Jelsa pero de verdad que esta historia me robó. espero que pronto actualices winter love, es una historia que también estoy leyendo y me emociona mucho saber que ya lo actualizaras. éxitos y gracias por una de los mayores placeres e historia que pude apreciar en mi vida. no importa cuan grande sea yo seguiré leyendo Jelsa. GRACIAS PIERO217 3
7/16/2020 c31 11LivininCorsets
Aww nice to see you still mentioned me (Armywife 22079) even though I lost the story somewhere along the way! BUT I did find it again and finish reading it! And yay! A sequel! With Jack?! Hmmmm you know we have a haven on Discord just for Jelsa. PM me if you’re interested! I can’t wait for the sequel and wondering how F-2 will shape it. Please let us know when you post the sequel!

Hold up...was that the night Jack FELL THROUGH THE ICE!
3/29/2020 c19 Guest
a death song of ice and fire sksksfjhgsksjghs
3/22/2020 c31 23Demona Evernight
I really hope you make a sequel soon I'd love to read Elsa and Jack's story. I also think a Hiccup and Toothless team up to give Jack the "shovel talk" would be hilarious
3/2/2020 c9 Guest
I really like this story so far. My only concern with chapter nine is the fact that Elsa became helpless because she couldn’t TOUCH THE ROPE. Elsa does not need something as inconvenient and almost counterproductive as TOUCH when it comes to her powers. When she was nine she created huge mounds of snow large enough for Anna to jump on by holding up her arms. She created spikes of ice with just a wave of her hand. She sent the ENTIRE WORLD INTO AN ETERNAL WINTER by just stepping out onto water while feeling upset and overwhelmed. IN HER SHOES.
She created an entire ice palace by just stomping her foot. And you can’t really say that the actual act of freezing or changing something that already exists requires the touch of her hand, unlike creating ice out of thin air, because what about her dress? During let it go, she transformed her coronation dress into something unique and beautiful. And if that did require physical contact, then it didn’t come from her hands. It would have come from her legs, and stomach, and elbows. Elsa has incredible power. If the way she uses it requires contact, it doesn’t require her hands. That’s just illogical, and I’m a little insulted on elsa’s behalf. But yeah, I’m REALLY loving this story so far! That’s like, my only concern at all. And if I was ranting, I’m sorry. Have a good day!
1/27/2020 c31 145Marcus S. Lazarus
A superb storyline that does an excellent job at bringing these franchises together in such an unconventional manner, to say the least.
From the beginning, you put clear and fascinating thought into how to bring the two franchises together that it’s frankly fascinating that you apparently adapted the fic as the films were released, such as bringing Valka in to help protect Wintergale or incorporating Toothless’s ‘mating dance’ from the original ‘Hidden World’ trailers. Every scene between Elsa and Wintergale perfectly demonstrates the growing bond between the woman and dragon of ice, Elsa’s new acceptance of her own nature helping her encourage Wintergale to accept herself in the same manner.
The three-year-jump still seems a bit abrupt, and I wouldn’t mind seeing a few ‘interludes’ at some point (maybe something like Wintergale coming to assist in the final battle shown in ‘King of Dragons’ but none of the Riders seeing her clearly and her missing Toothless as he was in the caverns for the whole fight), but your ideas of Night Fury/Ice Fury history continue to impress, to say nothing of how you bring the histories of both worlds together with relatively minimal ‘tweaks’ to events and details already provided. Wintergale’s character arc might not go into depth about how she learned about her alpha status, but when so much attention is given to details like the moment Elsa helped her overcome her fear of flight it more than makes up for that ‘omission’, and her bond with Elsa is perfect in giving Elsa a faithful companion who shares the burden of a troubled past caused by their control of ice. Your idea to justify the lack of reference to Night Furies on Berk even manages to make perfect sense, justifying Valka’s knowledge as she inadvertently took the papers away when she was abducted and giving her the necessary clues to find what happened to the species as a whole.
Sigurd’s character made a very effective villain for Elsa and Wintergale in particular, indirectly introducing the idea of dragons to Arendelle while quickly setting himself up as an adversary that Elsa wouldn’t have liked even if the ‘ice monster’ had turned out to be anything like what he claimed. His return to the fold was also well-handled, reinforcing the idea of him as essentially a foil to Eret in his commitment to Drago’s cause and commitment to hunting dragons where Eret just seemed to view it as a job and moved on once he was shown another way. The final confrontation between Elsa and Sigrud proved to be a superb bit of writing in my view, giving us a taste of how Elsa’s abilities have expanded while still showing how dangerous Sigurd can be despite being only human himself.
Also, kudos to you for keeping Hiccup and Astrid together, as well as justifying how Toothless was the one to fall under the influence of Drago’s Bewilderbeast without making Wintergale that much ‘stronger’ than him; he was essentially just having a bad moment.
On that topic, the concept of Toothless and Wintergale’s ‘mating ritual’ was well thought-out, coming up with some interesting ideas that combine what we saw of Toothless’s flirtation with the Light Fury in the film while putting in some new twists, acknowledging that the Light Fury, for all her similarities, was still a distinct species from Toothless even if she was close enough for him to make with her.
I will confess that I’m not entirely sure about the implied Elsa/Jack Frost element for other stories in this series, but that’s just a matter of personal preference rather than a problem with your narrative in itself, and I’m still intrigued by such possibilities as the ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ crossover you implied may be coming up in future (very underrated movie in my view, to say nothing of the possibilities presented by a certain shared actor…).
Look forward to seeing what you have coming up next; keep up the good work!
12/31/2019 c1 Guest
Elsa's 22, whereas, Anna's 19.
12/28/2019 c31 Saphyrien
When I realized it was Jack: Sh*t, it’s Jack

When it sank in to me that it was Jack, the love of Elsa’s life, I want to scream: Oh my gosh! it’s Jack!

Then I remembered that I was supposed to be asleep right now. Gosh it’s so painful to hold in my excitement.

Anyway... our adorkable winter spirit has finally shown himself! Thank you for these! I’m so happy I could hug you right now! I love how adventurous Elsa seems to be here, just like how she is in the movies. Thank you for these amazing epilogue!
12/25/2019 c31 thefandude
God damn... I missed the last update you’ve had, judging by the two chapters before this one. But no worries! I read all THREE. ALL IN JUST 10 MINUTES BABY! WOOOOOOOOO!

That said, it was only in chapter 28 that I realized, quite of an idiot I am, this fic was already on its completion. Aww.

On the bright side, I now get to wait for that sequel of “Ice Fury”! And yes, I will definitely read Winter Love, man!

And finally, to say I was hyped while reading this chapter is an understatement. Because,






Ahem. Yeah. That.

12/25/2019 c31 GraceSophia
Hey! Amazing how you finished this story! Yes, I am still here and I still squealed through all of it! I loved it from the beginning to the end and I am tempted to read it all over again now it is complete. I am sorry we lost touch, but I am so incredibly proud of you for continuing this as you did. You did these characters more than justice and I am ever so glad I found you years ago. I wosh you all the best in future projects and a merry Christmas and happy new year (or any other holiday you may celebrate that I am too ignorant to recall)!
12/25/2019 c31 AU Over Canon
~An AU where Anna and Elsa grow up to be Arendelle's classical tale of 2 long lost sisters after one traumatic childhood accident~

They've seen a large city. "What is that?" "That's Arendelle." "Elsa and Anna have been orphaned last 3 years since Agnarr and Iduna died which was something neither of them deserved at all." "Arendelle's classical tale of 2 long lost sisters have been living their own different, distant home-lives since one traumatic accident."

"This is where Agnarr's coronation ceremony took place, and Agnarr was crowned to be Arendelle's king, isn't it?" "Yup."

Arendelle was often heard about, how that was where the first settlers of their village came from, as well as neighboring ones, told of how 2 little girls once lived in the entire kingdom, before one traumatic accident caused them to live their own 2 different, distant home-lives far away from Arendelle. The elderly folk claimed that 2 royal crown princesses have grown up to be Arendelle's former residents since one traumatic accident. There was only silence. As they came to the town centre, they've seen the building that was still relatively standing - the palace, a familiar, humble castle, built of wood, nestled in a deep fjord was none other than Arendelle itself. Arendelle changed during the time Elsa and Anna have been gone for last 13 years when they've grown up to be Arendelle's classical tale of 2 long lost sisters since one traumatic accident, but during the other time Elsa and Anna have been orphaned last 3 years since King Agnarr and Queen Iduna died as well. The streets have been darker and drearier than before/ever, but the whole entire kingdom of Arendelle was more unwelcoming than before/ever as well since Arendelle fell into sadness. The kingdom of Arendelle vanished through the tree line. "Only one princess and the other princess is being coronated as queen." "The Snow Queen's based off Arendelle's 2 long lost sisters, one's a pure mortal is Anna and the other has the powers of winter since she was born with them is Elsa." "One's a sunflower is Anna and the other's a snowflake is Elsa." "One has strawberry blonde hair is Anna and the other has platinum blonde hair is Elsa." "This is where Elsa and Anna used to live together, isn't it?" "Yup until the moment Elsa grew up far away from this kingdom, Anna grew up away from this place, too, since one traumatic accident." "One's raised as anything else at heart more than only royalty is Anna and the other's raised as nothing but royalty is Elsa." "One's raised by non magic, ordinary childless human grown adult non royals and unfit royals who normally show wilderness, worship magic correctly is Anna and the other's raised by more natural, more precocious, more well rounded, childless human grown adult fit, real, royal, richer, wealthier, more luxurious professionals and perfectionists who normally show courtly manners in public, know how to deal with the ice powers properly is Elsa." "One grew up together with non magic, ordinary childless human adult non royals and unfit royals who normally show wilderness, worship magic is Anna and the other grew up together with more natural, more precocious, more well rounded, childless human adult fit, real royal, richer, wealthier, more luxurious professionals and perfectionists who normally show courtly manners in public, know how to deal with the ice powers is Elsa." "Poor Agnarr and Iduna really miss their daughters a lot." "I know, right?" "Worst of all, Elsa and Anna have been orphaned last 3 years since Agnarr and Iduna died." "Poor Elsa and Anna, orphaned at the ages of 18 and 15." "Poor Elsa, orphaned at the age of 18." "Poor Anna, orphaned at the age of 15." "Elsa's 21, whereas, Anna's 18." "They were born 3 years apart." "Arendelle's 2 orphaned sisters still live their own different, distant home-lives far away from here." "It'd likely Anna the creeps, but it'd likely break and tear Elsa's heart out to see their old former childhood home in such a state as well only if, when or once they finally return back to visit at last."

"Any other gardeners who don't live in the kingdom of Arendelle usually come to work to make the garden look more and more beautiful, more gorgeous, lovelier and prettier just to impress Arendelle's 2 long lost sisters only if, when or once they finally return back to visit."

"Elsa and Anna have came back here one, last time since one traumatic accident until they live their own, different, distant, newer, stronger, better home-lives far away from here when they've grown up to be Arendelle's classical tale of 2 long lost sisters." "But where are Arendelle's other royal residents since Agnarr's and Iduna's undeserved deaths?" "Let me guess. Arendelle's royal castle guards, Arendelle's servants, Arendelle's maids, Arendelle's butlers, Arendelle's council and Arendelle's other royal castle staff?" "Yup." "I wish I've known, but we have to find out ourselves."

They opened up the doors. "Man, this place's nothing at all but rather overly noiseless." "It's completely darker inside as well, isn't it?" "Yup since Elsa and Anna have grown up to be Arendelle's classical tale of 2 long lost sisters far away from here even before and after Agnarr's and Iduna's undeserved deaths." "At least we have flashlights." "I still hate the fact that anything has to change for worse." "I know. I do as well." "We need to go upstairs, there's something I need to get and do before we settle for the night." They started walking upstairs. "So, you live here?" "Well there's not many places to live in the north, besides people who used to live here have grown up far away from here years ago, like Arendelle's 2 royal crown princess sisters so nobody else was using it anymore, if I'm wrong." When they've gotten to the top of the staircase, a large painting, its colors somewhat faded over time like the rest of the inside of the palace, yet what it depicted was still clear which caught their eyes. It was of 4 people, who they could only guess were Arendelle's royal family; King Agnarr, Queen Iduna, and their young daughters. The older one who looked no older than 8, was Princess Elsa. Next to her could only be Princess Anna. She looked no older than 5. Although it was clear that she had been trying to look as regal as possible, they've had the feeling that the painted pictures of 2 little princesses probably cause some suspicions. "You know, if it's been last 13 years since one traumatic incident, Princess Anna's 18, whereas, Princess Elsa's 21." "You know what happened to Arendelle's 2 royal crown princesses?" "Well, according to the tales, after one traumatic accident, Anna ended up being raised by non magic, ordinary childless human grown adult non royals and unfit royals who normally show wilderness, worship magic correctly, whereas, Elsa ended up raised by any more natural, more precocious, more well rounded, childless human grown adult fit royal, richer, wealthier, more luxurious real professionals and perfectionists who normally show courtly manners in public, know how to deal with the ice powers properly." "So Agnarr and Iduna have lost all their custodies of their own 2 daughters to childless human grown adults, haven't they?" "Neither Agnarr nor Iduna were fit to raised gifted magical powered nor ordinary children by themselves correctly one at the same time from the very start. See, from what we know, the time after one traumatic accident and before Agnarr's and Iduna's undeserved deaths, Agnarr and Iduna still ruled this kingdom." "After all, this castle doesn't really belong to anybody anymore, does it?" "No." "After all, Arendelle's real owners abandoned this place for years, didn't they?" "Yup." "There's nobody else left from Arendelle's royal family around to claim this place, is there?!" "No." "If Grand Pabbie never removed Anna's knowledge of Elsa's ice powers, Anna and Elsa would've grown up here."

"This is where Agnarr and Iduna ruled, but this is where their daughters used to play together with Elsa's ice powers as well until one traumatic accident before Agnarr and Iduna have taken their daughters to the rock trolls to get Anna's head healed." "One grew up to be anything else at heart more than only just Arendelle's sheltered royal crown princess, less isolated, less lonely anywhere else far away from here as well is Anna and the other grew up to be less isolated, less lonely in the colder, frostier, snowier, more magical, bigger, huger, larger, fancier, sparklier, shinier, more gorgeous, prettier, more beautiful, lovelier, better looking winter mega ice kingdom in the magical lands far away from here is Elsa."

"Any other bookish bookworms who don't live here usually love to visit here anytime they desire." They looked at the room they were in. Above the desk, was the painting of the strawberry blond man they recognized from the other painting before was Agnarr. He looked very comfortable in the role as Arendelle's king and he held up a scepter and an orb.

"What nice looking pictures they are." "I know." "Whoever doesn't live here likes to stare at pictures."

"This is where balls usually are held, isn't it?" "Yup." The portrait of a slender, fair skinned, green eyed, strawberry blonde haired kingly man with mustache, sideburns, a slender, blue eyed, fair skinned, brown haired, brunette (in a bun) queenly woman, a radiant pale skinned, pink lipped, light freckled, rosy cheeked, blue eyed, platinum blonde haired, princess-y little girl and a fair skinned, pink lipped, light freckled, rosy cheeked, turquoise blue eyed, strawberry blonde haired princess-y little girl all together with each other as Arendelle's royal family. "You know who each of them are, don't you?" "Yes. There's King Agnarr, that's Queen Iduna, Princess Elsa, and that other little girl there is Princess Anna." "Arendelle's royal family, huh?" "Yup until one traumatic accident." "No wonder Anna and Elsa have grown up to be Arendelle's classical tale of 2 long lost sisters far away from here."

"This is where meetings are held, isn't it?" "Yup."

"Oh, great, now we have to take our shoes off. That way, we could slide on the wood wearing socks."

"This is where Agnarr and Iduna have slept until they died, which was something neither of them deserved." "Neither Elsa nor Anna have done nothing to deserve to end up orphaned at all." "At least they attended Agnarr and Iduna's funeral until they've gone back home separately instead of coming back here together." "What if Agnarr and Iduna have been regular ghosts all this time last 3 years?" "Wish I've known."

"This is where they study to gain knowledge, isn't it?" "Yup." "Hey, what's this? 2 old diaries of Arendelle's classical tale of 2 long lost sisters who live their own different, distant home-lives far away from here separately since one traumatic accident."

"This is where Elsa and Anna used to be roommates until they've already grown up to be Arendelle's classical tale of 2 long lost sisters since one traumatic accident." "Yup, Anna and Elsa are former roommates." "This room's been empty last 13 years." There were all pictures of Elsa and Anna playing together, usually in the snow, building snowmen, sledding snow, ice skating and making snow angels until Elsa and Anna ended up living their own different, distant normal home-lives separately since Elsa was 8, whereas, Anna was 5 respectively, and neither Elsa nor Anna came back home to live here again. "Poor girls really did want to spend more time together with each other forever, just like when they were little. This was their old nursery bedroom."

"We could easily see the village outside the castle gates which it's comprised of homes, shops, a marketplace, the docks, and the city's clock tower and the mountains, the vast wilderness landscape surrounding this kingdom of Arendelle. It's here that Arendelle's primary export—ice—is harvested. Traversing through this area could be rather dangerous, such as savage wolves lurk throughout." "Oh, man!"

"Whoever still lives here, is free to hang and explore."

"Whoever doesn't easily fear getting on the roof, could slide down to escape, whereas, whoever easily fears getting on the roof, could rather end up injured or even killed."

"This is where any criminals are held prisoner, isn't it?" "Yup." "Whoever rather prefers the large rooms, hates how small this dungeon is."

Arendelle's ghost royal monarchs, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna really miss their daughters a lot since one traumatic accident until Elsa and Anna have grown up to be Arendelle's classical tale of 2 long lost sisters far away from here without Agnarr and Iduna much to Agnarr's and Iduna's heartbroken sadness. They still feel guilty for leaving their daughters orphaned during their (Elsa's and Anna's) teen-hood.
12/25/2019 c31 Sora Bulkhead
So, I'm guessing you're aiming for a Jelsa pairing in the sequel, aren't you?
12/24/2019 c30 Saphyrien
Awww, I love how Wintergale and Toothless bonded. I created an image in my mind, and it was vivid because of your great description! It was truly magical, and I love it. As I appreciate poems, I truly liked the one you used.

Did Hiccup said, “Go on, my sister”? That one was sweet to be honest. I like it.

And the bond between the sisters, I wouldn’t ask for more. You have truly described how deep their love and bond is for each other. I love it! Among the stories I’ve read, this moment was the one which really described their sisterly love, and how much Anna understood her sister.

I’m glad that it’s going to be a series! I’m really looking forward ro Jack’s appearance! Don’t keep me waiting please! ;)
12/22/2019 c30 Guest
Just binge read your story, what a fantastic tale! Thank you so much for all your hard work and for sharing it with us.
12/20/2019 c30 Ghost
Oh my Grog! This is the best Christmas ever! Ahhhh... This is quite the twist. Well, not really. I mean, if I think about it, it was bound to happen. Afterall, Elsa couldn't resist going "Into the Unknown", with her ice-breathing friend. (Aha, see what I did there?)
Sadly, your ectoplasmic friend here STILL hasn't seen the third installment of HTTYD, AND WAS SPOILED BY A FEW GHASTLY PEOPLE IN MY DOMAIN. I am so sorry, my friend.
Anyway, Samantha demands babies! I demand all of them meeting at once!
And maybe a bit of angst as well...
(or... A Frozen 2 plot maybe? If you preferrrr?)
Speaking of, what do you think of Frozen 2? I think it's BEAUTIFUL.
Pardon my yapping, Piero. It's been, what, months? I missed you!
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