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6/22/2019 c28 mastdeath
That is a really nice story but it is a jelsa love story soo it should be in jelsa fanfic it would be easier to find it (not be searching in random fanfic but thx god i found it ) keep up the good work :)
3/23/2019 c27 thefandude
First time reading this. And finished it in a single day. Gotta say though, I'm really enjoying it. Partially because this is one of the few stories in this crossover where Hiccup and Elsa don't end up together. LOL

And is that Jack Frost I see? Oh hoho.







Ahem, while on topic, are you planning a Big Four fanfic in the future? Cause I would love to see your take on it. Especially after reading this.

See you on the next chapter!
2/22/2019 c27 8Max waspace
Night Fury army ATTACK! (Huge army of night Furies all unleash their firebreath on you) you: MOMMY!
2/22/2019 c25 Max waspace
Don't worry Light Furies are a separate species
2/22/2019 c21 Max waspace
The same way Olaf came alive. Also did you know that your fanfic has a Tvtropes page?
2/22/2019 c11 Max waspace
In this verse are light furies a thing?
2/22/2019 c5 Max waspace
Why are all of Toothless's girlfriends white furies with blue eyes? Even the Canon one fits that description!
2/17/2019 c3 AstroKitty
Wow this dude drew his sword against a reigning monarch and didn’t get executed on the spot? Why? IRL monarchies don’t take kindly to threats.
12/20/2018 c27 SantiD
Also great story in all.
12/20/2018 c27 Guest
Can you do a httyd/coco crossover? I just thought it would be interesting.
11/25/2018 c3 26Firehawk242
Well, Sigurd's an idiot. Any real world monarch would have had him jailed a chapter ago. His actions in this chapter would be grounds for public execution. You don't mess with monarchs.
11/8/2018 c27 1gibthegrey
Is the I've always wanted a brother line a reference to the theory that Tarzan is their brother?
10/15/2018 c27 8warorpeace
I have to wonder: you had planned to mate them before news of HTTYD 3 (even the rumours) came out? Or they influenced you somewhat?

Nice to see that all has been cleared out between Elsa and Astrid, and Elsa and Anna. To be honest I only realised the second meaning of what Elsa said when Astrid said it. Had she said that phrase with this meaning, man it would have been a smooth move :P

Keep uo the great writing :)
10/15/2018 c26 warorpeace
To be honest i was expecting a different sort of reaction to Hiccup’s arrival on Arendelle. But, as always, you surprised me, and in a good way.

Huh, I wasn’t expecting you’d actually like my idea. I’m pretty happy you did. Moreover I’m touched my support, however small, means very much to you

As always, keep up the great writing :)
10/14/2018 c27 Saphyrien
wait. Wait. WAIT. A sheperd... in a brown coat...









Is it really Jack?! AS IN, THE JACK FROST? Oh ho ho ho! Jack you're quite the handsome boi!
Elsa is yet to meet you yet she loves yah already! Oya oya~~ *wink wonk* Looks like our dear author has found a way to make us lovely readers be hyped again!

Okay... So thank you for the compliment, I mean, every good author needs a good reader, neh? *wink*

So about the story...

Oh gosh. The formalities again. But as usual, our Elsa strikes again! She never stops to amaze us huh. Its also understandable why Astrid is jelly jelly of Elsa. I mean, ITS ELSA. (When one word explains everything. Lolz) And look what Elsa did. She's really a queen, and a badass one.

And as for Wintergale, I love you! Yes, Poor Toothless but our Wintergale needs a strong mate! Etz jest e test bruh! I mean, if Toothless isn't strong enough, he doesn't deserve Wintergale. But we all know they are perfect for each other *whistle*

So thanks again for this wonderful chapter! I fell inlove again, thank you!
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