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7/4/2018 c6 14Soron66
nice concept... but i am disappointed in you for cancelling your story. since the last update was on June 27th 2014 i don't expect for you to continue the story at all. however, you have inspired me to do my own star wars crossover story. either using farscape or guardians of the galaxy. haven't decided yet.
5/25/2014 c4 38SSTR87
O.O I was literally searching the database for Farscape Star Wars crossovers and yours popped up. It written really well so far! Keep it up, I look forward to more.

I love your character depictions, you seem to channel Aeryn, Chianna and Rygel really well! Their mannerisms are definitely different from anything I've ever written. So vast, yet everyone works so well together. Maybe I'll try a Farscape story next

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