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for Warband of the Forsaken Sons

9/14/2023 c59 Guest
"Ever have the craven fled from retribution's fire. So be it."
I love how you capture the bombastic over the top hypocrisy of the Imps. When they force their enemies to attack on unfavorable ground it’s “smart tactics”, when it hapens to them, it’s “craven traitors”.
9/13/2023 c56 Guest
Yes! Finally someone on the Chaos side read the Evil Overlord List. Good to see it.
1/4/2023 c67 ninjaoforthanc
This is great!
Personally, I'll cast my lot in for Luther & Ciaphus Cain.
5/12/2022 c67 Tobi14
So black crusade 2.0 this time part of the black legion officially.

Hmm for the story ideas I'm torn between Creed as the warmaster of chaos and the nightlords verus eldar, as I would love to the night lords embrace their damnation now a united legion and you write eldar with respect to them.

Follow whatever you wish I guess.
5/12/2022 c66 Tobi14
So the loop closes, Arken cursed to fight a meanless war forever, Asim causing his own damnation and the cage now a new creature.

The black crusade failed to release the fleet but managed to bleed the grey knights and that in many ways is worth far more than anything else.
5/12/2022 c65 Tobi14
To be honest the grey knights have always made sense to me with the revelation of their origins. Thanks to sitting out the heresy their original codes of secrecy are far out of date it resembles the old great crusade policy regarding the warp. That their so out of date and the black legion has known about them since the first crusade makes it all the bleaker.

Well was not expecting Alphon to be a perpetual but it does make a lot of sense thinking it over. I feel they represent a potential path the emperor could have taken if he did not try to unify mankind. Him being one of his equals willing to die for mankind means more than him being one of his sons I feel.
5/12/2022 c64 Tobi14
Looks like the xeno ghost managed to save Asim and hopefully buy him the time to escape.

Over 40 grey knight dead so far quite the achievement in the dark gods eyes.
5/12/2022 c63 Tobi14
Fair warbands are ultimately just bullets to shot at reality in the long war.

The shifting battle field in the cage is quite a interesting location.

The mutants and knights not lasting long is a bit sad but expected, simply not a good battle field for them.
5/12/2022 c62 Tobi14
Great void battle Zahariel, nice mixutre of ambushes, void mines and boarding actions.

Nice to see the chaos fleet being to flee.

Also the eldar prison being a type of AI does make a lot sense to keep the defenses up, their's not way Arken is the first chaos lord to have this quest.
5/12/2022 c61 Tobi14
The stage is set for the final battle.

I do agree with the eldar warp travel is insane and I can see why the farseer would be disquieted by the grey knights existence, thankfully they can't be mass produced.

Arken's confrontation with Janus reveals a lot and in some ways explains his rapid descent into ruin creating a hell of a hundred words to raise cannon fodder for the long war and as well as why Arken has tried to not think of his past. For better or worse the monster he was then is long dead and what is now in it's place is far worse.
5/12/2022 c60 Tobi14
Well this ended as well you would expect it would, least some of the warband escaped to fight again however I suppose they performed task of delaying the imperium.
5/12/2022 c59 Tobi14
Eldar not suffering immense losses in battle? Heresy!

Quite liked the Autarchs goal of making craftworld be in a better place after war, I find the idea of eldar always just accepting their dying race status and just trying to hold a tad annoying, their should be if not idealists eldar like Irithiel trying to find ways to improve their situation even if they think their race is not doing well.

Things are not looking good for the slanneshi host.
5/12/2022 c58 Tobi14
Quite the clever explanation for the grey knights ''plot armour' the originals possessing the highest quality of it being the priority targets and this black crusade being a bluff that's not really a bluff in order to lure them out makes sense.

They simply lack the numbers to take over more than a sector otherwise.

Nice to the alien pysker is still around in some form.
5/12/2022 c57 Tobi14
Quite like the contrast between the grey knights view of the situation, a necessary evil a imperium that's decaying slowly overtime from the ideals of the great crusade and the horror Aseim and the the other servants of ruin can feel at the existence of the grey knights in all their glory made at the cost of will and countless souls sacrificed to make them.
5/12/2022 c56 Tobi14
Another victory for the forsaken sons well not really more their masters as with another vital forge world stripped from the imperium and more importantly taking some more of the silver knights off the board of fate.

Reading up this point i'v come to believe the success of the black crusade will be trying to kill as many grey knights as possible and if it costs the warband and every single slave in the warpstorm well that's cheap change for weakening the imperium for the true crusades that will come from the eye.
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