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for Warband of the Forsaken Sons

12/24/2021 c67 Guest
God man…..I’ve been following this story since the start, and while I’m sad to see this fantastic work come to an end, I’m so excited about the ending I got.
And of course
ARKEN LIVES *stomp**stomp*
12/24/2021 c67 war-shed
great story, i vote return of the blood rose
12/24/2021 c67 Nassir Amit
Wow, this is the end. After so many years, it feels like a great void has opened.

A nice wrap-up, though Janus died off-screen and we didn t get to see the nightmarefleet/eldar empire fleet in action (I wonder why Slaanesh ate the immediatly, I thought it would only happen upon death without spirit stone?).

Arken becoming a demon prince was kinda obvious ( tho I thought it would be to control the nightmare fleet through ritually sacrificing the forsaken sons forces).

Of your larger proposals, Id go with Chaos Ciaphas Cain (with Jurgen as rogue psyker).

Also, please consider finishing this exceleent fanfiction, it was abandoned in 2012 quite far into the story.
12/24/2021 c67 Guest
Can't wait for you to make a sequel to this story, excited to see want happens with the nightmare fleet.
12/24/2021 c67 Guest1997
The Ciaphas cain story sounds great. Anyway hope you keep writing these great stories (As long as you enjoy doing it of course). Thanks for the ride and i'm looking forward to what you write next.
12/25/2021 c67 Nightwatcher21
Ciaphas Cain, Warmaster of Chaos. So much yes!
12/24/2021 c67 Dragon.Hoarding.Lewds
Ciaphas Cain, Warmaster of Chaos. Let me see the greatest champion of chaos bring, well chaos.
12/24/2021 c67 Richard1081
Either the Blood Rose or the Ciaphas Cain one.
12/24/2021 c67 2amaruq1419
Ciphas cain and blood rose please. There is nowhere near enough lotara sarrin and the the ciphas cain stories sound fucking amazing
12/24/2021 c67 6Nemris
I would like to see that crossover between RWBY and RH, given that my grand and recently finished story was a RWBYx40k crossover.
12/24/2021 c67 theweird1234
It has been years and oh boy what a journey. It hurt me every time one of our heretics were lost and after defeat did my heart crack.

Oh Arken, my poor misguided boy

A sequel would be interesting but I do believe that this is a good resting point. The parody of Cain would be cool. Until next time!
12/24/2021 c67 Spyrechild
Seven years?! It’s been a ride good site and I’ve loved it every step of the way! Suggestions you say? Did you know that if their expansion had continued that the realm of Macragg would have absorbed Nuceria? Angron taken under Roboute’s wing before the emperor became involved and potentially without the Nails, sound less grim and more Noble
12/24/2021 c67 dragonball1909
The ciaphas Cain idea sounds hilarious, please make it.
12/24/2021 c67 20evtrax
I really want the au of vtm.
12/23/2021 c65 1W8W
Great chapter.
First half have climate but is less memorable because of how a same climax is.

When I heard that some ships were let loose I was expecting that current fleets will be forced to face one or 2 ships from nightmare feat and win with really heavy casualties to demonstrate their superiority.

It being only old eldar ships was surprised for me. Then I wondered if the will attack imperial ships or modern eldar will be able to calm them down. Slaanesh took me by surprise but it makes sense that they would not have mental defense prepared and dark god to observe this area at this time. Real tragedy that god man (by setting standards) that took this sacrifice to get away from his people depravity to be immediately destroyed by greatest effect of this decadence. So plan to save them was doomed from the beginning.

Arken and Janus fight was really good. You knew how to write compelling chaos champion, big part of his appeal for me is lack of megalomania ad lesser delusions. Revelation that chaos forces know really seems like one of very few things that are both true and able to shock gray knight.

Alphon revelation was a surprise and is interesting but I would prefer for you to stick to your original idea of him being Sensei. It feels so much more fitting, eternal young but can be kill as well as literal child of Emperor to arrive to save the day.

About gray knights being so well hidden secret I see this as really extreme approach but it have some merit. If people knew about them they would wonder about them and if somebody figure out that they are anti demon unit that would confirm existence of demons. Of course it would only make sense if the same sanctions were apply to anybody that learn about demons for example facing them in battle. (although with how deadly they are there simply may be no people left in such cases) Emperor's Grace may actually be more merciful in such cases because pragmatic solution that come to my mind is putting people that learn about chaos in permanent units that are used ageist chaos forces.
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