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for Warband of the Forsaken Sons

12/22/2021 c65 1Sharrowkyn
Another fabulous chapter, on the edge of my seat to see how it will end even as I'm sad to see it go. Small nitpick, Arken says Titan is a moon of Jupiter when it should be a moon of Saturn.
12/15/2021 c3 ChaosLord071
Ya know, I never thought I'd enjoy reading a Warhammer 40k Conquest-Only Civilization playthrough, but here I am.
12/13/2021 c64 1W8W
Great fight showing real might of Gray Knights. You were really creative with demons mutations in this chapter good work.
12/9/2021 c63 Guest
Keep up the work, can't wait to see what happens with the nightmare fleet.
12/6/2021 c63 W8W
Good depiction of Eldar and Imperium cooperating. To big of a threat to risk turning one one another but work better independently.

Anchor is really clever in deciphering situation and mentainenc dron really show how advanced and powerful is this tech.

Mutants were not very effective fighters but they delusions we're really entertaining to watch.

Avatar vs Knight was also really good fight and I like idea of plasma release being used to turn tides of battle. Don't whine Erik, situation awareness and field advantage are part of war.

Dreadnought vs chaos champion was fight that I didn't knew that I wanted to see. Mutual kill is nice ending.

Better for story to be good when release fast so no problem with missing deadline.
12/6/2021 c63 Nassir Amit
Excellent chapter, even though things are now moving at a rapid pace and the chapters are not as large anymore..

I feared that this would diminish the story, but since you gave all of the characters ample character building it all feels very smooth.

Another thing;

Would you be interested in finishing this excellent fanfic?


It was abandonded long ago and your style would match quite well.
11/29/2021 c62 W8W
Great chapter about space battle.

I really like that you thought about Anchor. Why they don't blow it up, so big that it is faster to turn it off. How it is powered, it use whole star as battery.
About it being long term but not permanent solution because of limit of power. I would be willing to believe that original plan was for someone to remember about nightmare fleet and from time to time change battery(get new star to replace old one) Such solution would hold until there are stars and if you can't find new one then you have bigger problem than chaos machines.

Mines are good thing when you know where your enemy will come from.

Hiding some inhuman forces to attack back forces was brilliant move. I am really happy to see Heldrake. Big demons and animal mecha are dime a dozen in fantasy and sci/fi but Daemon Engines are combination of both and very unique. I also love that you give him backstory and it is realty good one. While Heldrake performance is enough for me of this tape Daemon Engines are so diverse that I harbor small hope that we may see cameo of something else from this category.

Also I am not an expert so I may be wrong but I was confused by Gellar Field hurting Heldrake. From what I knew it creates bubble of normal space in the warp. So they are useless in normal world. Heldrake while impossible without chaos power have material form and can exist in materium so why it was hurt?

Shipmaster combining with his vessel and his battle was also great part. I really like mention of hereteks fighting over right to attend to such perfect fusion of man and machine.
11/29/2021 c62 Guest
Gods danm it, how many more of our favorite monsters are you gonna kill? I’m dreading what you have in store for Arken cause come Chaos Spawn or Demon Prince, I do t think he’s winning here.
11/28/2021 c62 9Antony444
It looks like Arken is going to need a new flagship...or his successor will.
One or way or another, it looks like the leader of the Forsaken Sons won't need ships or anything else Astartes do before long...though it remains to be seen if he will be Daemon Prince or Spawn of Chaos.
11/23/2021 c61 1W8W
Empire and Eldar traveling together is nice moment especially with how they have to join forces for this. I like Eldar thoughts about Warp travel. I also like they fear of Gray Knights. With how they are anti chaos force it is interesting to see reaction of others factions reaction to them.

I really like that we see all those things gathered during preparations are to be used during final.

Undead forces creation was really climatic I really like how they are getting along really in spirit of Nurgle.

I wonder if Erik will decide to do something or only follow orders in the end.

I wonder how much mutant forces will be worth. I really like that even forsaken sons are disturbed by their situation.

Demon engines were mentioned once again. I really hope to see them in action no matter from who perspective(at least as much as we saw Obliterators)

Why I have a feeling that Lamentation is smoke screen. False plot so "people" can't figure out that Nightmare fleet will be outside they control and may attack them. Real reason all this knowledge was gathered was so prison may be turned off.

I really like that idea of Primarchs clowns return. This time more refined tactics with using demons to possess them. Forsaken Sons did not ask for much and they prepare strong countermeasures to ensure bargain fulfillment. I wonder if they will even try to find loophole.

Arken and Janus confrontation was really cool. I really would want to know what he did with women/girls. Not in details only if it was gender change of use as breeding stock because both option sound possible.
11/20/2021 c61 Robert's Hammer
And the conclusion draws ever closer, honestly this suspense is killing me
11/16/2021 c60 W8W
Fight were good.
My favorite moment in chapter was he shot to unaware psyker.
Eldare tomb is really cool design.
Tarek death was interesting tactic and his place of death is very fitting(mix of empire and Eldar memorial).
Omission of Alphon did not make me think that something is missing I simply become suspicious. Author notes only confirm it.
We must really be close to end of this story if you think that it is possible to end it in one and a half month.
11/15/2021 c60 Guest
Nice chapter, a bit disjointed though.
10/30/2021 c59 Van Erik Lucasan
Well done Zahariel...

An exquisite classic this chapter you have written into existence here!
Keep it up!
10/29/2021 c59 W8W
Nice chapter.

I think that it is good depiction of Imperium and Eldar cooperation. Working together toward mutually beneficial goal but keeping away from each other to avoid tension and both sides knew that it will not last and thing how to gain most from this situation.

Avatar performance was really nice, it is really nice to see it kick ass.

Ghost orks are also neat idea.

By no mean I am expert but I heard lots of bad things about Games Workshop approach to fan content. Be sure to check contract before signing so it will not end that you will have to delete care of your creations in exchange for empty promises.
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