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11/15 c8 1Diametrik
If he's a left-handed shooter, why would he buy a gun designed for right-handed people?
11/15 c5 Diametrik
Way too many fist bumps
11/15 c1 Diametrik
His thoughts about and intentions towards Taylor make him seem like a creepy fanboy
10/29 c6 2Mr.Sound - Master of Silence
I love the fact that you made Fortuna a real person, instead of going with the trope of her being Cauldron's attack dog
10/2 c54 5Damvladi
Second time reading it. Still awesome !
9/14 c52 Fernizer
I read second story about Mike first just to not fricking cry when I read an epilogue. It didn't work. But still great story.
8/25 c1 Colin O
I read this fic years ago, shortly after reading Worm itself, and I gotta tell you, it has stuck in my brain almost as much as the original has. (And what's more, it doesn't depress me, so I'm back to read your story instead:-D)
8/15 c30 4najex
Okay. 'Security' has never pissed me as much as in this chapter.

It doesn't feel like he refuses to tell them he knows what he knows because he read it in a book because they can't handle it. It feels like he is just trolling at this point. These are some touch people that are used to weird shit. They can handle a bit of existential horror. He's already proven his info is good. No reason to be coy.

Seriously, I don't get why Alexandra, Piggot, Armsmaster and Eidolin put up with his bullshit. Even if he gets results, that's no excuse for him treating everyone around him like children or acting like a child himself. Can't Eidolin just search for a power that forces Alex to tell the truth and get it over with? He should have.

Colin's lie detector should have been going crazy at this point. Even if its not 'technique' a lie, its meant to misdirect. You can deceive by telling the truth, and a lie detector would pick up on the intention to lie.
7/19 c54 KittyFun26
ive never read worm but this is one of my favorite stories on ffnt and gives off the same vibes of fix-it fics and trash of count family. i love it! my favorite part about the entire story was the segway in which you had him transition from being a security guard to the attack by the bomb user bakuda leading him to the organization, fully realizing that he is no longer simply a security guard but instead making the transition to “Security” as a consultant. it fully makes him start a new phrase from the “average joe” cover he had and onto the realms of among talking with the so destined heroes, which is only emphasized more by the modifications of brute and surgery performed afterwards. i also find it amazing that he did it all in the same way without powers and with help from others. its a very cool story :thumbsup:
7/15 c54 1InHumanMan
truly a enjoyable story. my only criticism lies in the ending fight. felt kinda rushed but other than that it was a great work fic that I can see myself reading again.
6/19 c4 Wolfeborn
This story is actually cool so far, I normally don’t read ones with an average joe MC or SI so I’m surprised with how much I’m enjoying it.
3/27 c1 Vansmoke
Geeking out a teenage girl when your that old is creepy af, hopefully his behavior get changed soon.
3/13 c33 2CMVreud
All the fuzzy feelings from Amy getting accepted in the age-old tradition of Dad jokes.
3/10 c15 CMVreud
Cue eyeroll and Coil being a dumbass drama queen.
3/9 c1 CMVreud
"Hey, so long as you're seen to be doing something."

I see you're a man of Potter as well.
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