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3/9/2017 c21 Anonymous
Well shit, this has been one of the best fanfictions I have ever read and I congratulate you for doing so District 7 Profanity I will be reading more of your fanfics as I enjoyed this one so much
12/27/2016 c20 2Doubleminor20
I'm not going to lie, I dislike the logic in parts of this story. But that is only because it flies in the face of what I believe I'm capable of emotionally. Chapter 20 was hard for me to read, in the way that it felt a little wrong the whole time. but this is all just me, because I also enjoyed the whole thing. this is a take on love that I've rarely found in anything, like EVER. it's complicated and has its moments where I question if I could forgive someone for that or if I could go through with that, but in the end it felt okay. I appraise your brilliant writing here and will be reading more of your stories soon!
2/15/2016 c21 4Pearl46Fever
I love this story so much. I've been reading it for a while now and it's made me laugh, cry, learn how to get through the most difficult things and so much more. I'm happy to find a story where the author knows almost all my favorite songs and authors too. I'm in love with this story and it will be my favorite fanfic for as long as it will be. You really need to write novels, if you're interested in it. I'd read them all.
1/4/2016 c21 Guest
I guess I'm in the minority that I enjoyed the detour from Joniss for Jocress. This was a very good story and I enjoyed it a lot. the aesthetic makes me want to take the author and let her bang me in the back of a car to some old records. not sure why. O well. Great job!
12/16/2015 c21 taykrzyzy
Don't know if you've ever heard this, but The Message by Blue Jean Baby is a good song too :) I loved You and I by the way, you have an amazing talent for writing, and all of you stories flow in a way that even professional authors can't manage at times. Your writing is absolutely flawless, plus it doesn't hurt that I totally ship Joniss 1000% ;) never stop writing!
6/14/2015 c17 2Waves of Wind
I've read a few of your fics so far, and I've noticed throwing in additional romantic partners is a theme you keep coming back to for a few of them.

It's not a bad theme, but in this case it gets on my nerves quite badly.

Let me be clear, I get that Johanna's situation is complicated.

However, the relationship with Cressidamakes Johanna a deeply unlikable character. That's not to say I never liked her. You worked her into the story very well and she's fun to read about.

However, all the stuff about how much she loves Katniss seems really hollow when she's doing stuff like this with little to no noteworthy remorse.

To me, at least, it overshadows the good parts of her relationship with Katniss and it makes the likeable parts of her character irrelevant.

Things like "Johanna would be there" and "Being with Katniss seemed like a foregone conclussion" are made meaningless when she's sleeping with another woman in the same chapter.
Does it make sense plot-wise, that this happened? Probably. I'm not saying it shouldn't have.
Should it have been this chapter? Probably not. Yes, it was after a moving and emotional moment, but even when the parties involved are attracted to each other this does not have to lead to sex.

Look, I like this fic, I do. Just...I hated this chapter and everyone in it. It took everything that annoyed me about the last few chapters and turned it up to 11.

I'm gonna keep reading...I owe you that much after this wall of text, but...this chapter...
5/9/2015 c21 9DarowdrynofArcadia
Well, if that wasn't a wild ride, then I don't know what would be. That was amazing! I devoured the whole thing in just a few hours.

This story didn't inspire anything more for mine, but it was still amazing to read and I thank you for writing it. Just seeing the love in their life is enough to make me hold onto the dream of finishing mine.
1/23/2015 c8 depaul7
"Put a rumple in her skirt, not a gash on her skin." - one of the best lines ever written in the history of the universe. Brilliant.
12/29/2014 c1 TheCharmingFrankie
Despite having forgotten my past login, I created a whole new account on here to gratify you with this well-deserved review! I've only read chapter one so far and I'm delighted to say you're am utterly brilliant writer! I haven't been on this website for a while but my new found love for Jocress and rekindled love for Joniss brought me here and I'm so glad it did. Dare say I'll be engrossed in this story for the next few small hours of the morning, Haha! You also have an amazing taste on music already and I'm looking forward to wherever this story goes, keep up the amazing work!
11/28/2014 c1 allyougot
This was something I never knew I needed but I'm so glad I got it! It's amazing
11/8/2014 c21 Leelan
This was PERFECTION! Thank you so much for this story!
11/8/2014 c20 Leelan
'She had no experience taking on two lovers... this was probably not the time for her to ask' OMG! Hahahahahaha I laugh so loud reading that! I don't know why... but DAMN! That was sexy as hell!
11/7/2014 c21 MaskofGein
Lara and Sam
I see what you did there
Great ending, it seems like all of your fics are just consistently perfect
11/7/2014 c21 Shadowknight1121
Great work buddy this was a great chapter. I liked the story very much as well best one yet next to unstoppable force and girl at the coffee shop.
11/7/2014 c21 shadowtriss
Thank you for a great story, and great ending to it! I couldn't have imagined it any better, to be honest. You deserve more than a million cookies :)
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