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9/14/2014 c17 badkitty98
whats going to happen to katniss
9/14/2014 c17 4FlameHazeKatsu
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,hell no, dammit no, fuck no! Awwww, shiiieeet! Those are for everything that happened xD *sigh* my joniss heart, it's b-b-breaking...no it already broke T_T
9/14/2014 c17 fanficfaenatic
As always, spectacular.
I really like the Johanna/Cressida direction you've taken, they have a much more exciting dynamic than Joniss in my humble opinion (I mean this in terms of the characters, not your writing). And, you know, Natalie Dormer. More soon please!
9/13/2014 c17 19Shadow knight1121
Great job once again buddy this was a very hot chapter in the end. Especially with cashmere getting what she deserved.
9/7/2014 c16 Guest
I shipping Jocress what can I say it's hot
9/7/2014 c16 Guest
Starting to ship johanna/cressida... but katniss!
9/6/2014 c16 gorman
Why is Johanna getting mad? She just cheated on Katniss! She's mad because Teach told her no more? I hate to say it but this story has made me dislike Johanna.. Well ever since Teach came into the picture
9/6/2014 c16 Team-valkyrie
Ohhhh shit, not again! I have... Started to ship Cressida and Johanna. Whyyyy do you do this to me?! Anyway I absolutely loved this chapter! I love how Cress and Johanna's relationship has evolved and made them comfortable and trust each other. It was perfect, right up until the end lol. Please update soon!:)
9/6/2014 c16 4FlameHazeKatsu
Oh hell, when I saw that one, I just stopped and banged my head on the wall took a few steps got back and continued reading xD LOL, ah man, dammit _" it's out of control! I knew it! Lol
9/6/2014 c16 19Shadow knight1121
Awww :( I don't know who to feel bad for kat, Jo, or cress. Great chapter very cute between the two.
9/1/2014 c15 6Brooke Enik
Killing me here with Johanna and Cressida. Not fair. Actually can't wait for them to collaborate on the music pieces. Want more of inside Cressida's head, please.

Speaking of music... The Supremes! So many memories! Also can't help but be reminded of joey's VD montage from Friends-don't stand so close to me lol.
9/1/2014 c15 4FlameHazeKatsu
*phew* finally they told each other! I was waiting for that, ahahaha, this means more drama soon, that I may go crazy and be like "wwwwwhhhhhyyyy?" while I drop to the ground and pound the ground or something like that cuz something that is irreversible happens and then there's going to be a rocky road then yeah... BUT in the end it'll be a happy ending! which I'll be looking forward to! And damn, I hope it will be! XD ahahahaha, but those may not happen since it depends if you're ending it soon or carrying the story over to their "after high school life" :v sooo is the story ending soon? Anyways, looooove the story! T_T crying tears here! Cuz it's just so freaking amazing! Ah, how I envy the fiction world! :3
9/1/2014 c15 19Shadow knight1121
I thought this was okay but yeah drama and such between the two not fun. XP great job.
8/29/2014 c14 Shadow knight1121
This is a great story buddy very cute but dramatic smutty but romantic very well done. This is the best joniss I have ever read. Great work.
8/26/2014 c14 Kik
I miss cressida tease )):
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