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7/12/2019 c4 Divine Blizzard
Nick "Ghost" Reyes
Black hair
176 cm
84 kg
29 yrs
Serious, well-behaved, disciplined
US Air Force/ Task force 141
A-10 Warthog
Born in Jakarta, then moved to LA. Nick joined the Air Force at age 22 and rose up the ranks during the years, he is known as ghost due to disappearing after his strafing runs.
6/30/2018 c10 SHIELDAgent
Please continue to update this!
1/17/2018 c1 2That One Staff Sergeant
Just came back to read and it's no wonder that I missed this years ago, but now that I gained interest in the matters of missile defense, I'm gonna have to nitpick: SM-3s aren't meant for shooting down cruise missiles. As ABMs, they're made to fly up to exoatmospheric altitudes and destroy ballistic missile RVs by kinetic hit-to-kill means.

For shooting down cruise missiles, SM-6 and SM-2s are certain to be used. The ESSM would also be capable.
7/31/2017 c10 6Wardog1
I wonder what'll happent in the next chapter, Rin recovery of course, and maybe that Yoshika dream in chapter five'll become true...
3/11/2017 c10 1Gamerman22
Rin, no! I hope she live. Vera Neckiton... it'll be interesting.
3/11/2017 c1 An Indo Guest
Looks like we got a talented Indonesian fanfic writer here!
Looking forward for story's completion!
3/11/2017 c10 4Noel Harkov
Dang... the plot thickened. The plot for Chapter 10 'Joker Game' is a heck rush indeed, for this chapter. Sure it did, like the chapter title said. Hopper freed prisoners, 108th make appearance and shot down new Warlocks, Rin got shot, Spec Ops spies introduced everywhere (Sniper Elite and Joker Game references among them), fucking Reaper here (no, I like him very much, playful guy hinted), chop chop Doktors appearances at nowhere, Blackie machine sci-fi history introduced. And, jezz fuck, fucking trigger happy idiots :V
Still, good story overall. Nice continuation and a promising future plots. Please do continue this story that starting to go very far! Well, this is a fanfiction, so feel free to throw anything you like to make it better and.. crazier? Well, things getting cramp here though. Try lessen up the pacing to something that readers could follow better than stuffing everything in with the basic explanation only. A deeper explanation and a slower flow will make the story much better and easier to digest. That's my only advice I could give you for now~
Looking forward for next chapter~
3/10/2017 c10 MODERN ARMED FORCE
KURWAAAA! Kelamaan update lu tong, kok OC ane munculnya bentar amat yak? oh ya pesawatnya ganti aja jadi Sukhoi T-50 PAKFA biar tambah greget wkwkwk.
oke ane mulai serius... gini lo gan biar ceritanya gak terlalu klise unit witchnya jangan terlalu di buat overpowered biar gak jadi 'feminist biased fantasy' gitu loh... OC yang ane ajukan juga sengaja ane buat konyol dan jahil kaya fegelein dari video 'hitler rant parody' biar ada kesan humornya. ente main WAR THUNDER gak? ane rekomend banget buat maen kalo belum.
3/3/2017 c3 guest
this fanfiction is almost different than that fuji92 Strike Witches: The Paradox Timeline.
Okay... So,somehow you got the Gate Jieitai blah blah blah... Into this one?
Can I make OC's request here? I want you to include a pilot frow 'our' world. He's working for a PMC known as 'Artemis Global Security' (from the 'H.A.W.K.' game) as for his aircraft I kinda think SU-35 gonna looks cool. As for his Nationality is Russian(mother) and Indonesian(father).
5/15/2016 c9 Criticman
Stories for weaboos and reading this feels like to much childish... #lol

2.8 out of 10. Needs more WATER! - IGN

I had to bleach my eyes every time I finish the chapters - Metacritic
3/12/2016 c9 VSX-2018
Please keep up. And long time no see.
3/12/2016 c9 Noel Harkov
Finally, 9th chapter. This chapter seems fresh comparing to other chapters, probably because you done much in your original stories, thus gaining more experience. Anyway, I have to say you have to edit most of the previous chapter's minor mistakes that easy to be looked after.
So, your favourite anime list almost like mine. I guess most of the characters you took it from GATE, specifically the easy-guess Itami.
About the OC, I might as well give it some shot. If 'ya wanna some like two or three, I might as well think-tank some, as long as you give me an OC form.
Anyway, the chapter is quite good and better than the earlier chapters like chapter 1. This hold very much slice-of-life back at your world and a continuation of Bayu and The Interrogators. Looking forward for chapter 9.
Kye, out.
3/12/2016 c9 1Gamerman22
Welcome back, finally a good timing to stop hurting Yoshika scene, good update for a long time.
3/12/2016 c9 6Wardog1
Yes!Finally another great chapter, good work my friend!
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