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12/1/2020 c76 Ghost Man
Wait...those were kid gloves?!

You're one to talk Skuld given your love of icecream.

Bwahahah. Chihiro is Chihiro after all. Raises or umm...not.

10% is a lot you know.

Hmm...is she really a demoness really? I mean she has more of a neutral background.

Focused chapter. Thanks. Congratulations on another!
11/13/2020 c76 3Maztema
Another amazing (and huge) chapter, there a lot of stuff going on there, and i loved the interaction between Frigga and Sayoko, a Queen for a Queen hehehe, also that protocol, definitely i smell something building up.
8/19/2020 c75 Ghost Man
I had to switch gears. I was too used to Gilded Cage and had to reevaluate the timeline.

Considering the nature of Angels...does it matter?
I wonder what the Celestian Net has...in terms of...things.
Paid vacations. Coupons. I'm...sorta intrigued in this economy.
...damn. Even against his own angel, Keiichi can't win.
So...the twins are single, right? What! Don't look at me like that.
...Belldandy you sneaky sneak. She's mischievous alright.

Holy moly...I'm so out of the picture. I'm not about to reread 75 chapters though.
...whoa...Njorun is a strong woman.
Valkrie Profile...hybrids outshown the gods.
Sheesh...Ymir is such a doting grandpa
OMG! Not married!? Bwahahahahaha!
Bwahahahah! Njorun in a dress would be great!
Hope it's not a big mistake too.

Whew...that's a scary beast if I ever read one.
7/18/2020 c75 15chuckiboo
Man, took you nearly a year to deliver another chapter of this amazingly epic story, and it's worth it. With the emergence of Fafnir, crap is really ready to hit the fan. And I can sorta see where this is gonna go: Hild and the others will find a way back to their timeline, and Fafnir might try to either keep them there, or follow them to the present timeline, as to bring about the chaos in Odal's timeline where they are now. Just saying.
Hope you're staying safe during these crazy times, and keep writing on this fabulous epic!
3/11/2020 c74 Ghost Man
Good call, K1! Let Banpei enjoy without teasing...let him sort things out on his own.

Hmm...so how would digestion work? Chemically? Magical-to-kinetic?

Ansuz is grinning like she just had a huge victory? Oh we're doomed.

...mental image established...and I'm laughing my ass off. Shotgun cake is now a feature of this universe.

Bell laughing...sound of an angel? P

Frigg is grinning...run...run away!

LOL! Good job Odal! Not as thick as I was ages ago.

Damn...what's with the mercs?
That's with the mercs...older one's smart too...though it's hard to not feel charmed by Urd at all.

Makes me struggle to remember what Celestin's ties with this group was.

Oh yeah...he's that high-end guy from heaven.

Oh...well that is a problem...
3/2/2020 c74 Curse Of Kings
How many chapters long will this story be?
11/5/2019 c73 Ghost Man
Welcome back, sir 0IQ P It's romanji is "kohai" by the way.

Oh Lord..I'm sorry Tyr.

...congrats K1...they be twins...I'm with Terrestrial Spark on this one. I've seen enough horror movies to know where this is going...Bell is going to go Ring on 'em all.

...dammit Peorth! Stop ruining the minds of children!

*snickers* K1, one day you'll want to be a grandpappy. Bwahahhahaha! Odal had it coming though.

Okay so...these lessons will hopefully be...tame?

Three dragons in one...or does it count as one? P

Whelp...Surt's pissed...guess he's gotta vent it at the enemy XD
11/4/2019 c73 chuckiboo
I shoulda seen it coming. Fafnir, with help from Nidhogg and Thrivaldi, caused all that chaos in the timeline Odal came from! And he plans to do the same thing in THAT CURRENT TIMELINE... Boy, this just gets better, doesn't it? And you had to bring in those troublesome goddess twins, Eir and Saga, from the other OVA from a few years ago. That's really a plot twister. But why do I have a feeling that something is about to happen to Keiichi, and not in a good way? The plot thickens...
9/19/2019 c54 Curse Of Kings
But... There's already a Hel in AMG. She appeared in the novel Ah! My Goddess!: First End. I don't know any details beyond that, though.
9/12/2019 c7 33Kaiju Alpha
I like how you applied actual Norse Mythology such as Thor, Loki, a mention of Jormungandr, Yggdrasil being a tree, Balder, and Thrud.
8/13/2019 c72 2bk201fan
Interesting chapter as usual. Hope we can keep reading this incredible story.
6/26/2019 c72 noobsaleh
If you’ll remember from the manga, Skuld’s lack of control was due to how strong her potential was. So maybe Keiichi is the same?

I don’t think Welsper is Belldandy’s doublet anymore. Think about it, why would they turn him into a fragile cat? That would punish Bell with a huge vulnerability for no reason.
6/24/2019 c72 Ghost Man
Whew...thank kami for good uniforms, am I right lads!?

Dragon: "Surprise! Mother-"
Hild: *snaps neck* "Shut your mouth!"
Peorth: "He was just talking about Shaft."
Hild: *sheepsishly* Oh...whoopsie
Dragonborn: *slurps up another soul* Good noms

...Sigel definitely takes after Skuld -_-

*snickers* Skuld has a list of swears I bet XD

*snickers* Traps

Verthandi...good waifu

And now the tree acts. Hmm...what's gonna happen, and why did the tree allow Nidhogg to do what it did to the rest?

Oh great...dragons.

Ohhh! The trees are talking about the concept of quantum waveform collapse. Once they're part of it, they can't observe the timeline holisitcally meaning they can't see the end. Interesting.

Pinnocio...Ex? This a reference to another story with Lind and a Knight?
6/23/2019 c72 15chuckiboo
Boy, the end was a complete game changer! Excalibur, transfigured into a god!? And without contacting the tree. On top of that, the conversation between Nidhogg and Yggdrasil was... interesting. It's apparent that the dragon wants more opportunities to cause chaos in the cosmos, this why he tried to talk to the tree. And, did I read right...that Thrivaldi is...Hagal's...father? Or did I misunderstand? Anyways, great chapter.
6/20/2019 c62 noobsaleh
Why is Hagall so edgy towards Belldandy? Belldandy’s suspicions are justified, and the wish she granted Keiichi is very different from the wedding they had literally years later, once they knew each other better.
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