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for A Case of Mistaken Identities

22h c15 Yana5
Thank you for the update. I loved it
11/19 c15 Avalon Starfire
It would be great if Harry had a few friends that where able to be made into asgardian so that he wouldn’t be a lone. If I remember right Odin and Frigga have some lady a golden apple to make her immortal. Just a thought, I love a Harry and Hermione story. I really can’t wait to see what happens next.
11/15 c15 hibarishikaru21s
I love it!This story is very interesting and I really like how you made Harry's lineage of being an offspring of Loki and Thor seem very comfusing but understable at the same time. Please update!
11/15 c1 coolgirl111
Is there going to be more I want to know what he is going to transform into
11/11 c15 Adonisx
omg this story is so cute!
11/8 c15 gginsc
Interesting story. I can sympathize with Loki. Having people you love decieve you is painful.
11/8 c15 TimothyB
It's going to be interesting if the events of the Goblet of Fire happen the same. Keep up the amazing work!
11/8 c1 gginsc
I am grossed out that Thor had sex with his brother! Why couldn't you pick people who were not related?
11/7 c1 Valiryo
Bruh... Thor fucked his brother..
11/4 c15 James1996
Great so far, I look forward to reading more in the future.
11/4 c5 kenodoxia
love the idea, but not a great execution.
11/4 c5 kenodoxia
love the idea, but not a great execution.
11/4 c4 kenodoxia
fck no, why are you giving blood, way too unbelievable
11/3 c15 Lourdes08
Loved the update.
11/3 c15 9thunderofdeath97
personally i would prefer a better weapon than a staff, also i think it would be funny to see harry prank loki, by having sif act like she was pregnant with his kid, (eventually), and then not have a baby, or they could act like she was not pregnant, and then nine months later a kid is born, lol i think it would be funny to see loki have a panic attack from such an event, lol
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