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for A Case of Mistaken Identities

11/28 c15 bahnannah
Ooohhh I’d bet money he turns into a thunderbird. After all, Thor is his father and a thunderbird can call and control storms. Great story. Think I’ve read it through twice now. Hope you eventually continue it.
11/27 c15 6TheMashMonster
woo! can't wait for more! I love all the brothers characters! good work!
11/14 c15 flys36
Amazing story, wish it had been continued!
11/13 c1 juliagdestanomes
So... Harek is Loki's and Thor's child WTH
11/11 c5 3Obsidianshadow89
sigh- and what are loki's other children? chopped liver? loki has already given frigga grandchildren.
10/14 c15 SunPho3n1x
I absolutely love this story! I love the bond between Harry and Loki and I’m glad that Loki and Thor getting along for Harry. Thank you for writing this.
10/10 c15 Zara1017
9/29 c15 Jostanos
The only sibling that Harry has yet to meet is Hela. I think.. I may be mistaken though. :)
9/10 c15 Guest
more please
8/18 c15 1AlyssJocelyn
Just re-read the story how you update soon, I'd enjoy seeing the co-parenting dynamic of Loki and Thor.
8/18 c15 WhiteEagle1985
A great story here so far!
7/6 c15 1Alderhill
this is a nice story which im eagerly waiting for the next installment. Nice hint of harrys form with the feathers. it makes for a nice theme for lokis sons, Jormungandr (sea), Fenrir (wild land/forests), Sleipnir (tamed land/city) and Harry (sky). guess his form is gonna be a bird of some sort. if you want to go for all that prophesized before his time, and time being nonlineal, you can correlate him with Hræsvelgr the eagle jotun and the origin of the wings. it would be hillarious for him to turn into a gigantic eagle as big as fenrir.

well guess i hope you eventually get back to this story. but till then. thks for writing it
6/22 c6 HeckNo
You totally forgot Harry visiting his friends to say goodbye. Oh, wait. Now you have extra time now because Loki escaped. If you don't fix the mess, I'm dropping this story.
6/17 c15 Entertainment lover
Wonderful chapter. The conversation between Harry and Loki was nice.
6/14 c15 Camille.Ad0
Very good story )
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