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for And, The Giant Awoke

12/14/2022 c1 jack gofyourself
aint no way in hell would oberyn like jaime, jaime was a kingsguard for oberyns family (i forgot her fucking name) anyway, oberyn would hate jaime regardless of anything
12/14/2022 c20 1Diametrik
How did the white walkers get past the wall?
12/14/2022 c10 Diametrik
How did Tyrion raise an army? Did he hire a sellsword company? Or did he recruit and train them himself? If it's the former, who is the leader of the sellsword company? If it's the latter, where were they recruited from, who was in charge of training them, and where was it done?
12/14/2022 c2 Diametrik
[Bartel ran a hand over his balding scalp and looked flustered. "We simply can't keep up with demand. One map alone has a request for eight copies. Eight! Probably be twice as many before the week is out and that's to say nothing of the other commissions." He sighed. "Your taste in books and maps is superb, my lord. A week ago, I would not have considered that to be a problem."]

If demand is high and supply is low, just increase the price so there are fewer people willing to pay until the demand matches the supply.

I mean, or invent the printing press - that works, too.
12/11/2022 c1 Guest
Would’ve been interesting if you said Daario Martell but he goes by another name now. Then ended this as a one shot. Regardless I am going to continue reading because this was very good.
11/30/2022 c29 l
11/28/2022 c29 TimeTravelingWriter
I have not been using this site for many years now, but I suddenly had the urge to find this fic and read it again. And I am not disappointed, it's still as good as I remember. Thanks for writing this :D
10/25/2022 c29 big johnson
Hope you finally get a chance to finish this
10/10/2022 c29 Ted Hsu
Been almost 11 months since last update and about three years the on previously if I remember?

Trying to imagine how best to sort the spoils of war now Dany and her dragons were outdone by the Halfman and his forces? Tyrion had quite a few tricks, even using the Scorpions Cersei hoped would take out the dragons too.

But how to deal with the aftermath of a climactic battle...yes, that would take a while and give a load of "big-money questions."

Time to finish the painting :P
9/15/2022 c1 hanzohasashifan29
Nah fuck the dragon glass, Toffee will kill the Night King no cap
8/21/2022 c8 SMB
Football randomly appearing? Really? Why not throw in steam engines as well? Get an actual power grid going, too. Medieval towns need electric lights, man!
Horrible intro for Arya's friend. Just someone shows up out of the blue and they are instantly friends? Did Arya suddenly become a trustful moron? Yes, and she met one, too. What a surprise.
8/13/2022 c29 13bearblue
Great story. Thank you for sharing it.
8/10/2022 c12 Gguma030
Gosh this is hilarious
8/10/2022 c8 Gguma030
You should have called this story : "Tyrion discovers Farmville" X)
7/2/2022 c13 Too much
It is sad. I was really enjoying this story. You can mention family all you want, but to make Tyrion the bank for the entire Lannister family is too much. It is not believable. Tywin and Cerci have tried to kill him multiple times and worse considering his first wife. Too much. It also makes no sense, Tommen is king, and the other will be married to a Martell. The two kids do not need money.
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