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for And, The Giant Awoke

1/3 c29 Guest
Brilliant story well worth the re-read especially with then new update, I wonder if there will be another chapter depicting other characters judgements and perhaps what life is like now for Tyrion and the rest ?
1/2 c29 cameron1812
A stunning story. Blew my mind. Have read it straight through. Thank you!
12/23/2021 c1 nantono
12/20/2021 c29 1chaoswizard
Keep it coming please it is good
12/18/2021 c14 havocofwar
I'm going to be completely honest here and say that yes this definitely feels like a fix-it fic I don't mind seeing as the canon and most of the fandom is dreary and depressing most of the time it's nice to see something nice happen to the more likeable characters
12/7/2021 c29 TitanGuest912
Good on the update, a little more to go and your finished, congrats! Thank you as well for the joy and the interesting ideas in your story as well as the one about their version of afterlife, one of my favorite pieces in this.
11/26/2021 c28 Robb
Who was "Ally" again?
11/25/2021 c29 HartleySkarsgard
Was stoked to see you’d updated this. Bit sad reading Danny’s death but not completely unexpected. Excited to see where you go from here.
11/22/2021 c29 anja.quickert.9
11/20/2021 c29 xXMoonlitSorrowsXx
Thank you for this update! I had to go back and read everything cause I forgot what it was about but I remember I loved everything! It's so great! I can't wait for the aftermath and Tyrion's legacy.
11/18/2021 c29 2J.E.P 1996
Damn clever thing to do against the dragons. More please?
11/17/2021 c29 2Ser Dorito of Aisle 13
Hot damn. Can we see an afterlife moment for Tywin? Have him learn to understand and appreciate the value of family instead of pieces on a board? But Jaime and Joanna should be the one to guide him. Show Tywin that Cersei is trying to change herself to help Joffrey and show the full extent of what Tyrion has done. A dwarf defying the odds and achieving more than any Lannister.

So if you decided on a timeskip where Tyrion goes to the afterlife, he’s met with a proud Tywin Lannister.
11/17/2021 c29 3okami's eyes
This was a awesome chapter. I burst out laughing when Daenerys made her proposition. Nerver expected that to happen. Props to Tommen for turning her down, not many would have. Still, i wonder what would happen if he did accept it .
It's a shame Danny had to die, buti guess it was inevitable. Do you plan on showing her afterlife too? I would like to see what is waiting for her.

Jorah's fate was the only part that i disliked. It didn't ruin the chapter for me or anything, it just left a bad taste in my mouth. The implication that he's in a eternal loop feels kinda unfair to me.
But anyway, thanks for giving us this story, wish you only the best. See ya!
11/14/2021 c29 Ted Hsu
Welcome back, Remo. Been way too long.

Nice way to do "tossing the caber" where you threw a 20-foot piece of wood. Interesting take on the Highland Games.

When you do a piece that does the audience and the source material justice, it's a wonderful thing. And this is enough to forgive the over-two-year wait from your last chapter (and the end of the TV series).

Not long ago, Greyson Creed had added more to his story, "Contract Labor" after a two year hiatus. But then he had added two chapters too. Now all that's left to see is how the bow gets tied on this story, and how long it would take to do that.
11/16/2021 c29 Moon-Beam95
Wowza! So glad to see a new chapter. Loved the battle scenes, the bit that really stuck with me was the old woman who brought the cattle for the dragons, I adore her despite being in only one or two lines. Loved seeing Jorah reunited with his father and seeing the alternative options to After life. I hope he and Dany can find happiness in the new life or at least some form of happiness for himself.
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