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for And, The Giant Awoke

5/22 c1 IronHair
5/5 c1 181Quatermass
You know, I've re-read this story a few times now. And while there are more intricate fics out there, this probably remains my firm favourite out of any fanfic set on Planetos. You have Tyrion (and others) make that world a better place just by thinking a little more than they do. True, there's a few loose ends, but otherwise, it's brilliant and heartwarming.
5/2 c14 Quatermass
One thing I should point out that, in my opinion, Stannis uses 'duty' as an excuse to gain power. That, and Melisandre's messianic whisperings. For all Stannis' claims of adhering to duty, he doesn't care about anyone with his blood. He's willing to murder Renly, Gendry, and even Shireen, his own daughter, to fill those ambitions. Honestly, I have little to no sympathy for him, his wife, or Melisandre. Davos and Shireen are the only people from Stannis' household that I have any time for...
3/6 c29 Pendragon168
Read all of this today, a good story, and even if this wasn't the official ending, it is a nice spot to stop.
3/5 c13 HSkarsgard
My annual 2024 reread complete. Thanks again !
7/25/2023 c22 1Wakiyamani
"But it would be a Year to Remember!"

I had to say it, I've read and re-read this story probably a half-dozen times, and when I read Olenna saying that to Tywin, my head-fancast hears Kathrine Hepburn saying that line to Peter O'Toole in "Lion in Winter." I'm not sure if you deliberately re-quoted it, but the relationship between Henry the 2nd and Eleanor of Aquitaine leads me to believe that that was the vibe that RR was going for between Tywin the Ruthless and the Queen of Thorns.
7/21/2023 c24 Guest
…Green Lanterns?
7/9/2023 c29 Anonymous
Daenarys deserved far worse, but a good story is worth far more than vengeance, in any case.
4/27/2023 c24 Batros940
Considering the Lannisters need money, I would think the first thing Tywinn would have down is start selling off Cersei's valuables after being imprisoned. All that jewelry probably would have helped paying off a chunk of their debt to the iron bank. After all she only needs clothes for comfort and in Tywinn's mind she wouldn't need the jewelry because she isn't going anywhere. As for the faceless men it would be more likely that Tyrion had a deal to pay them so much to keep them from accepting deals to kill him from anyone else.
4/27/2023 c20 Batros940
Honestly I thought you would have forgotten about Shireen's use of Dragon glass as caltrops. But I gotta ask where is Jon Snow in all of this? He left the night's watch, but he was concerned about the dead. I can't imagine he would haven't found a way to keep a eye on the wall for the dead to get around. Also I still find it odd that the dead did get around the wall even if Ramsey is with them to help. It's not likely that Roose Bolton let him get to far away from Bolton lands with his sock tendencies. So hi. Knowing how to get around the wall is unlikely.
4/26/2023 c14 Batros940
So you you seemed to have decided to not bother with Jon Snow and the nightwatch until Stan is needs royal blood. Should have had it so Aemon hade Stannis help with the wildlings as in the show. That way they could then let the wildlings through to give Stannis more men to take Winterfell and to keep Roose's forces busy.
2/28/2023 c29 Smaugtheterrible
Truly awesome fic. Great from start to finish, excerpt hopefully not finished quite yet
12/14/2022 c1 jack gofyourself
aint no way in hell would oberyn like jaime, jaime was a kingsguard for oberyns family (i forgot her fucking name) anyway, oberyn would hate jaime regardless of anything
12/14/2022 c20 1Diametrik
How did the white walkers get past the wall?
12/14/2022 c10 Diametrik
How did Tyrion raise an army? Did he hire a sellsword company? Or did he recruit and train them himself? If it's the former, who is the leader of the sellsword company? If it's the latter, where were they recruited from, who was in charge of training them, and where was it done?
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