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for And, The Giant Awoke

5/1/2020 c9 1TheWateringWizard
Well I’m happy for Jaime that he killed Euron. That bastard won’t come causing problems later on !
5/1/2020 c8 TheWateringWizard
Damn I love Ally ! Her excited blabber is very funny. Tyrion is really moving society on ! I thought he was gonna invent trademarks and copyrights at some point ! But instead he brings forth football, the mad genius ! Now tell me there was a league created with teams
5/1/2020 c7 TheWateringWizard
Yeah Brynden, Brienne and Pods ! Brienne is gonna be so surprised when she sees Arya
5/1/2020 c6 TheWateringWizard
Ohh Tyrion and the gang making breakthroughs in medicine ! Someone thought about purifying stuff, that’s good
4/30/2020 c5 TheWateringWizard
I love it. But I’m still wondering what Arya is doing her !

It’s fun how Tyrion’s recruiting people like and brings forth new invention. Is the purple weed the Westeros equivalent of penicillin?
4/30/2020 c4 TheWateringWizard
Well that was an unexpected visitor ! Good to see Arya here ! Has she gone to the Faceless men yet ?
4/30/2020 c3 TheWateringWizard
Wow... Tywin’s speech was fantastic ! It also managed to completely shut up Cersei which is an achievement in itself
4/30/2020 c2 TheWateringWizard
Haha that chapter was hilarious ! I’m glad Tyrion’s gonna be a badass inventor
4/30/2020 c1 TheWateringWizard
Fucking go Tyrion ! Pretty sure he’s become the most badass man in Westeros
4/28/2020 c28 18ProfessorPedant
A fun tale. I like the Fix it nature. You have built some interesting, likable characters from the generally horrible people of the show/books.

It seems you are nearing the end. I hope you return to the story to finish it.

Thanks for your work and for sharing it whit us.
4/13/2020 c28 Jon Snow
Is this the end?
4/15/2020 c17 rpatel77895
this is amazing , little world building things like the snacks , the dialogue sounding like the characters themselves. just awesome
2/24/2020 c28 2ch0c0add1ct
porn has just been introduced to westeros. the enlightenment has arrived.
2/21/2020 c28 Guest
Man, this story is one the best that I have ever read. I've read all 28 chapters in a day (I'm kind of on a binge), and this is fantastic. If your reading this, I really hope you don't decide to pull the curtain on this project, I hope you continue it for a while longer. I would love to see how our characters end up 5, 10 years down the road, kind of like a time jump. I'm hoping you don't forget about this as there are thousands of people out there who love this story as much as I do. Keep up the good work!

1/18/2020 c26 HSkarsgard
This is my go to re-read when other fanfics disappoint me. Hope to see an update to this awesome tale, soon :)
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