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10/26/2014 c1 41RoseBadwolf1000
Well...That's awesome.
5/27/2014 c1 idkgba27
I love stories with any of the boys cuddling and i can definitely see Stan and Kyle justifying their cuddling as something that all straight super best friends do.
Ha, Kyle is so cute and when he started the leg touching, kissed Stan, and said "Thank you for inviting me." I was kind of taken aback by how forward he was acting which is a nice change from most other Style fics where it's usually Stan taking charge and leading the whole fic.
I also like the line "Both of them were slightly out of breath, as if kissing could wear someone out."
I do feel like Kyle would be willing to start just so he could get Stan to take over so I'm happy that's what you did here.
Anyways this was a cute fic and is definitely a favorite 3

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