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for Canada starts WWIII

8/9/2017 c5 OliveOil's
Of this doesn't update, I'm going to slap a whore.
This story is too good.
6/13/2014 c5 60pastaaddict
Poor Sealand! He tried so hard but, Omg! He rivaled Romano with that pottymouth! XP
6/12/2014 c4 9CheshireKitKat
Hahahahahahha! Oh! I know I know! Have Romano and Feliciano sing "In Italia" they should so do it!
6/12/2014 c4 60pastaaddict
If Germany is West and Prussia is east, does this count as a civil war? O_o And I could imagine things heating up if Russia played 'Back in the USSR' at America. XP Oh please more, this brightened my day!
6/11/2014 c4 9Fruitstogether
I started to straight out LAUGH when I read the part with Prussia singing the first line of German Sparkle Party and my sister called me weird! XD
What if Spain played Macarena and the Italies sang We Speak No Americano! And England played Barbie girl for France!
6/1/2014 c3 i
I have a small Canadian request... if you ever feel like it and arent too disgusted by translating a frog song... but i guess you would have to understand french a bit so I realize it might be asking for too much butttt... you can look up Made in U.S. Vilain Pingouin... I think it would fit perfectly in the supposedly passive aggressive manners we have... we gotta love our neighbors eh? *winks* yeah we love them anyway :-)
if you are curious, e-mail me so i can give you the traduction because google translate SUCKS! at
that counts for anyone who wants to insert french in their fics, trust me, google translate is bad. really bad... like... you have no IDEA bad...
6/1/2014 c3 9CheshireKitKat
LOL must continue this! I got songs for like all the countries in mind!
6/1/2014 c3 7kuriyalezata
LOL! I wish I could have been there to see that…love this!
6/1/2014 c3 60pastaaddict
Everyone knows that China is lethal with a wok! XP
6/1/2014 c3 9Fruitstogether
QUESTION! can we request songs?
5/31/2014 c3 4Ratty4949
...it's true though...only CHINA could look more masculine by PUTTING HIS HAIR DOWN XD

Poor Korea...he had it coming but POOR KOREA XD
5/31/2014 c2 Ratty4949
OMG! All the yes! Love it!

I like how Canada's just completely dominating this war! YESSS!
5/29/2014 c2 60pastaaddict
Yes, it's WWIII alright. Let the fun begin! XD
5/29/2014 c1 pastaaddict
I've never read a story where Canada snaps in such an entertaining way :D. Can't wait to see where this goes. XD.

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