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6/24 c14 Applejax XD
yayz, Harry sent her a letter, that was a nice moment with Hermione and Steve XD
6/22 c14 9Gin-Sensu
Love when you update!
6/19 c2 15Ptool
this is really good. great dynamic and craft.
6/19 c1 Ptool
enjoying your story!
6/18 c14 sassy973
Loved it hope you update soon.
6/15 c14 shymysteria
I truly adore this story and find it a wonderful treat to have a new chapter posted. It is very wonderful seeing such a version of Hermione and other characters. First finding it on AO3 it is great to see it posted here as well and honestly can't wait for the next chapter. Thank you very much for sharing your talent and story.
6/15 c14 asdw-theprince
Thank you for keep updating! Can't wait to see the development of Hermione Steve relationship and Hermione Tony friendship. Especially when you will include Hermione with the Avengers.
6/12 c14 jansesu
I just binged this, nice story so far!
6/12 c14 MMTyler
This is such a wonderful story. I love the relationship between Steve and Hermione. And the building friendship between Tony Stark and herself. Please update soon.
6/11 c1 MMTyler
I just started reading the story and I like where it's going.
6/11 c14 ashadowdancer
thank you for this chapter and not abandoning the story. I really look forward to when Loki (and Harry!) come into the picture. And more development between Stark and Hermione friendship/family development.
6/9 c14 5TigerWolf
Really enjoying reading your story. Looking forward to updates.
6/9 c14 General Mac
brilliant thanks love it.
6/8 c14 3EolClowRidlley
Thank you I'm happy to keep reading
6/8 c14 2Pokey314
Lovely update! The piano shop scene was so cutecan’t wait for the next one!
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