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5/17 c10 Patronus
Totally forgot to mention it in the previous comment...its sadto hear that you have lost someone to Covid. Hope they find peace and you find some sort of closure. This endemic sure is treating everyone. Stay safe and take care of your health.
5/17 c10 Patronus
Wow...I think I read this story a long time ago when it was less than 5 chapters...I was very impressed by the storyline then and now am absolutely delighted to read more of it...the details are so beautiful and do not worry the finer details about the struggles are as important as fighting scenes...if you don't get the character to go through all the steps of improvement especially where mental health is concerned it would look artificial. Depression and in Hermiones case PTSD is something which can't be overcome overnight.. the take time and patience...so good thatnpart and infact it's good that you are not going to ignore the issues about mental health as in Canon...

Absolutely loved the chapter about wands and Hermione's magical troubles. It was very refreshing to read. This while story so far is very refreshing to read. Keep up the good work.

Just a point to consider...would Hermione be able to handle electronics if she wears gloves while handling them? Lightweight leather ones seeing as leather is a bad conductor for energy, though summer time may prove difficult for her to wear them but something to think about? Or something else very simple which can prevent direct contact with electronics there by lessening the chances of damage and also her kot having to strain her Occlumency shields...especially when she is working for Tony.

Looking forward to the next update...good luck
5/14 c10 Andre.ita28
Thank you for posting this chapter, it was lovely. I’m so sorry for your loss. Please take care of yourself and your physical and mental health first. :)
5/10 c10 10Gin-Sensu
My condolences, I hope that the days get better for you. And while I enjoy your story, no rush to write more. Do what is best for you.
5/9 c10 Mrs.Thorn Winchester
love it hope you update soon
5/9 c10 3EolClowRidlley
Thank you for keep writing even if is hard. I hope this covid crisis get better, we all need that.
I love Steve and Hermione interactions
5/8 c10 1serenityselena
another great chapter... I really like the fact that Hermione's "mission" was altered by Coulson...
eagerly awaiting for your next update _

sorry for your loss... hopefully time will ease the pain of your loss...
sending hugs and positive thoughts your way
5/8 c10 hateme101
love it
5/7 c10 10FauxBrit
I loved this chapter. It was soothing to read after a stressful week at work. Thank you.
5/7 c10 alexaguamenti
I’m sorry for you loss.
Thank you for updating
5/7 c10 alannalove1990
I’m so sorry you have lost people due to covid. I’ve lost a friend as well. I also had covid and am not what they call a “long hauler”. My body is so exhausted and my brain fog is so bad. The only think I do is sleep and then read fanfic to keep myself somewhat alert. It’s crazy! Thank you for such a wonderful chapter and overall story. I wish there were more avenger / up crossovers. I lost my brother last year and it’s been hard. Strangely, Watching WandaVision really helped me process a lot. The quote that hit home way “what is love, if not grief preserving?” Hang in there!
5/7 c9 alannalove1990
I am so glad this isn’t a one shot! Also I loved this chapter with Hermione getting a new wand. I adore Thunderbirds so much!
5/7 c10 General Mac
She so has a crush on him. Thanks love it stay safe and well.
5/6 c10 Guest
I’m so sorry covid has been so cruel to those around you. My thoughts and well wishes to you and all those you love.

The story has been fantastic and I swear you just have the perfect pace for it to run. Take all the time you need to write. We’ll patiently wait.
5/6 c10 Catzandbookz8
Great chapter. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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